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HUGS mission is to research, document, and implement non-violent solutions for earth and her inhabitants with the aim of co-creating a thriving world for all.

We envision a future where regenerative organizations are thriving through collaboration and integration of holistic methods, aligning ALL with divine purpose, and celebrating our continuity between our internal selves and the Whole.


Check out our Regnerative Impact Projects!

Sacred Wisdom Collective


The mission of the Sacred Wisdom Collective is to preserve and regenerate the traditions, and wisdoms from ancient cultures, and lineages that serve to place humans in communion and harmony with nature, one another, and the whole.

Sustainable Living Expedition


An educational expedition where you’ll tour sustainable solutions and ecologically harmonious living practices at many amazing projects across Costa Rica. You will learn from a diverse team of regenerative experts, how to increase your personal sustainability and how to share your growth with those around you.

Innerversal Solutions


At Innerversal Solutions, we feel that the creation of a better world starts with the healing and expansion of the universe we experience within ourselves. Our highest aim is ending the suffering of all beings. Innerversal Solutions a project of HUGS 501c3 non-profit that provides cutting edge education and practical techniques for maximizing human potential via DNA repair and self-mastery.

Diamante Solution Center


The Diamante Valley Solution Center is a community benefit organization co-creating an ecologically harmonious world by hosting wellness and educational events, developing local sharing economies, supporting organic food systems, and systematically empowering all organizations involved in building a regenerative society.

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