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What If You Had A Map For Your Soul’s Journey?

Soul Mapping  – The Future Of Alchemy For A Connected Humanity   There’s always chaos before mutation; we are amidst an enormous quantum leap.  Fear is a step, an initiation, in the developing consciousness where an illusion of separation is created as a coping strategy, leading to devastation and suffering of the internal and external

Solo Dios Sabe Si Vuelvo – By Julian Medicina “Sacred Wisdom Collective”

Solo Dios Sabe Si Vuelvo – By Julian Medicina “Sacred Wisdom Collective” A rare find here. Stay tuned for more from this artist. Part of HUGS Project The Sacred Wisdom Collective is to preserve the  sacred music of cultures around the world. This is a medicine song, or sound healing from a indigenous group from

Recreating Planetary Paradise By 2020

Recreating Planetary Paradise Travis Britzke of Regenesis 2020   Today, the planet is left with less than 20% of its original forests.  The destruction had been accelerating in recent decades, fueled by increasing demand and more machinery.  In the last 100 years for example, the United States has lost over 70% of its topsoil and

The Human Game Episode No.2 “100% Responsibility”

  Episode #2 The Human Game Taking 100% Responsibility Only doing what brings us joy and reclaiming the power from our fears. Taking responsibility for cleaning and clearing all that comes into the hologram! This means everything! Between eclipses we are all being called to stand on one side of the river- We are being called

August 7th Lunar Eclipse and Reflections Of A Creator

  As the cosmic currents reach their peak before the Eclipse’s this August we are being asked to reflect on our ascensions so that we may listen to the messages of the soul as our true identity as the truth co-creators of our collective dream is revealed.   For Exclusive Posts And Webinars: http://www.patreon.com/hugsworld  

Lions Gate 88 – Timelines, DNA,Mercury, Birthing, The Cross

  Recent Revelations around the upcoming 8/8 Lionsgate Portal, Mercuries 88 day cycle, the Mercury Retrograde of August 2017 and the impregnation of the divine feminine. Aligning with the form, the alchemical wedding and more.   Show Appreciation http://www.hugs.world/patreon

Biological Boddhisattvas

Biological Boddhisattvas If not for a virus, none of us would ever be born. In 2000, a team of Boston scientists discovered a peculiar gene in the human genome. It encoded a protein made only by cells in the placenta. They called it syncytin. The cells that made syncytin were located only where the placenta

Through The Eyes Of The Gaian Child “Unified Cosmology”

            THROUGH THE EYES OF THE GAIAN CHILD   Unified Cosmology Imagine for a moment that you are the only being that exists.You are all-powerful, all-knowing, eternally existent, everything is made out of your ‘body’ emanating from the primordial space, pure potentiality. At some point you might dream up the

Solutions for Addictions

Solutions to Addictions Addiction thinks in circles where invention thinks in spirals – Richard Rudd The 24th Gene Key is part of the Ring of Life and Death. This DNA Codon ring contains five Gene Keys (Genetic Codes) which Richard Rudd has stated can be used to teach us how to create the perfect environment