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Following Your Intuition Part 6

Hello from Peru!   Though I don’t write all that often, I certainly ponder many things to write about in regards to my next blog. It always boils down to the same ingredient; documenting my experiences as I perceive them with no intention past that. My internal workings far exceed anything going on outside of

Following Your Intuition Part 5

Transformations Update #5 Hello all, I have a lot of catching up to do! Since my last blog post I broke ANOTHER camera/phone… this time it was borrowed (that makes 3 in total). Christina has replaced it with a local iPad called a “Tupad” and I have mostly kept my hands off of it since

Following Your Intuition Part 3

School in session Update #3 Some of you have been waiting for the new blog and It’s not for a lack of things to talk about that I’ve been waiting, I simply haven’t felt like writing. We lost the use of our camera (phone) we brought with us and until it’s replaced we will have

The Dynamics of Homeostasis Part 1.

This blog is intended to introduce a framework, a way of innerstanding reality,the internal and external realities. Much of this write ups intent is to plant seeds, spur further research, and to prepare someone for much deeper learning and modalities of healing that will be later introduced in other blogs or videos. The Force. “I

Following your intuition part 2

Planting Seeds First, we are no longer staying at the hostel, we have officially moved in to Mission I’m Possible headquarters and we are welcome here for the rest of our stay (3 months)! The head-honcho Dave Stewart is a force to be reckoned with and his partner Rebecca (who speaks very little English) keeps

Following your intuition part 1

This first blog will most likely be the longest since we have so much ground to cover to bring you up to speed on how I have arrived in this place and why. Hell that’s a great title;   HOW I HAVE ARRIVED IN THIS PLACE AND WHY     It’s 2am in Tarapoto, Peru

Mission Possible Peru – New Mandala Sri Yantra

  MISSION POSSIBLE : The Shree Mantra Office Mandala: Basic tutorial of our Giant Office Mandala and a benefit of our experiences gained whilst embarking on this ancient masterpiece. This Mandala will now be used for Tv and film presentations for HUGS and MIP PERU in future contract awards expected very soon as we venture


Cerelias Project-Monkey Rescue with Orlando and MIP PERU   Update from Dani My second day here in Tarapoto I arrived at the Peru office of Mission I’m Possible (MIP) and saw the tiny model of the Dry Toilet. This dry toilet designed by Dave Stewart of MIP, would be used as a model to be

Following Your Intuition Part 4 Cerelias Project

Quick update and shout out:  Wallet = gone. It happened, I’m over it, I still have my passport! I will be more diligent when wearing shorts with tiny pockets and riding in bumpy moto-taxis from now on. Thank you Thank you Thank you to my mother who email transferred me some cash and took the

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