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Recreating Planetary Paradise By 2020

Recreating Planetary Paradise

Travis Britzke of Regenesis 2020


Today, the planet is left with less than 20% of its original forests.  The destruction had been accelerating in recent decades, fueled by increasing demand and more machinery.  In the last 100 years for example, the United States has lost over 70% of its topsoil and 85% of its soil minerals.  Up until the 1950s when chemicals were first used in farming, all of this destruction was to fuel the culture of “Organic Annual Agriculture”.

We have the ability to restore Mother Earth and amend our story.  Simply stopping the use of chemicals and GMO’s won’t rebuild our soils nor reforest our watersheds.  We need to look at the root causes, and identify the opportunities  in the situation.  Permaculture may be the worlds most popular way that we are doing this.  It is a design methodology that learns from and harnesses natural patterns and processes.

The Regenesis 2020 project in conjunction with HUGS is looking forward now into our future-and Vision 2020 Perfect vision. We are  recreating a planetary paradise now, it is already underway. We are starting here locally in this epicenter of regenerative permaculture here in the Diamante Valley of Costa Rica. No more illusions, distortions, or lies.  We are operating in full and total transparency.  Its also an opportunity to focus collectively on our shared future and ask one another, whats your vision 2020?? How do you choose to see our future??

Our vision of  2020 is of a planetary paradise, people are living in happy and healthy harmony with one another and with nature.   If this resonates with you, I invite you all to share this article and this video and spread it far and wide. Help us in supporting this mission for planetary paradise.


“Just as vital cells are needed to build healthy tissue and organs, resulting in vital organisms, so too are vibrant individuals needed to build healthy families and communities, and ultimately a thriving planet.” 
                                                                                                                                                                -Travis Britzke, director, ReGenesis


The Human Game Episode No.2 “100% Responsibility”


Episode #2 The Human Game Taking 100% Responsibility

Only doing what brings us joy and reclaiming the power from our fears. Taking responsibility for cleaning and clearing all that comes into the hologram! This means everything!

Between eclipses we are all being called to stand on one side of the river- We are being called to step into our authentic role of the Divine Human- In alignment with the form. Can we cross over? Are we able to leave the victim realm? We do this by acknowledging and healing the victim mind, not by ignoring it- that would be Spiritual bypassing which will probably be our next episode. This is about 100% full integrity and radical acceptance!

Are you ready for the timeline split? Which path are you choosing? The creator or the victim?



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Solutions for Addictions

Solutions to Addictions

Addiction thinks in circles where invention thinks in spirals – Richard Rudd

The 24th Gene Key is part of the Ring of Life and Death. This DNA Codon ring contains five Gene Keys (Genetic Codes) which Richard Rudd has stated can be used to teach us how to create the perfect environment to raise children. One of the main life objectives for those who have reached adult- or adept-hood is to bring children, or our fellow human into reaching this development. Children are the future, and as we are all really one organism, we become our children, so their development is why we are here.  Also, when we consider that much of the earths population still has a ways to go in progressing to adept-hood, we reach the reasoning behind why we chose this as where to begin in creating an Innerversal Solutions curriculum. The Gene Key System was born out of the Human Design System, from our findings it is a incredible system complete unto itself.  We have found when synthesized with the Human Design system as a foundation, bringing Human Design to higher octaves of development, something even more incredible is birthed. In this curriculum we will be synthesizing aspects of the Gene Key’s, Human Design, NLP, and much more. We feel that in the synthesis of all of these incredible systems that we can find something that can serve as a developmental curriculum for the next phases of evolution of parenting, community development, business collaboration and much more. This new synthesis is organic and always being improved. This is only the first installation of many more to come.  One can also expect each lesson to change and grow as our knowledge grows, we receive feedback, and team up with others in these fields. This living curriculum we plan to be at the heart and foundation of a physical center that will be based here in Costa Rica, but will have multiple partner hubs globally. In this way a living educational system serves to grow with humanity in its evolution rather then becoming stagnant as so many things in the past have done.

Our journey begins as we are conceived, the interplay of energetic’s present between our two parents creates a magical act which calls forth a new creation into the perfect organic machine which is our local Universe.  An exact blueprint of the state of energy present at the time, and location of the birth, and eighty eight days before it, relative to within the cosmos. Wheels upon wheels, the cosmic organs and glands of specific geometrical devices we know as planets, form, fashion, and facet this energy into being. This blueprint creates the seed, or crystal of that which we are meant to become, pending of course that the environment in which we are placed is ripe and fertile with the energetic and physical nutrients to bring us to adulthood. The child’s purpose in this world, is to further perfect and grow the potential of all life and creation.

What drives this child to reach its energetic potential, to fulfill its purpose, and to share its specific gifts with the world? Separating from the Unified field creates a tear or wound. As the energy is processed into an individual being, and compressed through the parents genetics that also contain unprocessed shadows, this creates a similar imprint on the child. This is because one of the prime reasons for the child is to perfect the genetics of the human species. Its core drive is the desire to end the suffering caused by the core wound, by reuniting with the unified field of perfect silence from which it only has just left. However, this core wound is often times reinforced, and turned into unconscious habits as our family, society, and environment encourage living from the “not self” and making decisions from the mind.


Human Design GATE 61 and 24 Info

If we imagine a child with an Undefined Ajna working with a teacher with a Defined Ajna, this child will be under pressure to think a certain way and feel a sense of inadequacy because he or she cannot do this consistently. Or imagine a parent who puts pressure on a child to think logically when in fact the child is designed to think abstractly. Such children will grow up thinking something is wrong with them because they don’t process data in a logical way. And this conditioning leads them to compensate by pretending to be certain about things.

When Undefined Ajna people can experience their true inner authority, their mind is set free. It’s free to think about things that do matter, and free to be open to intellectual stimulation and creativity. Remember, the Undefined Centers represent where we go to school, and the Defined Centers represent the student (us). It is normal and natural to be attracted to our openness but not to become identified or attached to the experiences it brings. We are not here to be like someone else, but rather to discover who we are as individuals.

When Undefined Ajna people accept that they can never be certain, they have gained true wisdom. Their potential wisdom is to be able to truly judge whether a concept or question matters, and whether it is of value. They are not here to claim concepts as their truth. They are here to observe these concepts and to contemplate them, not to become certain and own or become identified with any of them. An Undefined Ajna is a sign of intelligence and of someone who is an intellectual type, like the undefined minds of Freud, Jung, Einstein or Madame Curie.

The potential of the Undefined Head Center is to explore the intellectual value of an infinite variety of subjects and thoughts. It can determine whether those subjects and thoughts are worthy or unworthy of being contemplated. The potential with this Undefined Center is to explore how much of the mental field is simply useless versus what really matters.

The Undefined Head Center is inspired (conditioned) by who or what is in its aura. Its inspiring thoughts are not original, as others influence the way it thinks. Unlike the Defined Head Center, there is no fixed style of thinking with an Undefined Head Center; it is open and changeable by the conditioning of the environment. The potential is that those with Undefined Head Centers can truly recognize who is inspiring. They are great mental reflectors of another’s mind. But when they make a decision from the mind it is not their decision, it is a decision from the mental conditioning field. Undefined Head Centers endlessly think they need to make a decision and solve the problem when the problem is not even theirs! Each Undefined Center conditions the mind with Not-Self thinking.

We are a duality and everything about us is manifesting in a dualistic manner. The mind itself is dualistic in the way in which it processes information. Let’s say that you have an option in front of you. Once you conceptualize that option in order to make a decision about it, you are going to look at the positives and the negatives of it. You are going to construct two identical arguments that are opposite to each other.

One argument says that the option is bad and the other states that it is good. This is how the mind works. It is very easy for us to go from one position to another, because we have already established both in the mind. What that means is that the mind has no capability of judging one or the other. Its capacity is simply to flush out the two sides. The reality is that we can flush out a zillion sides, not just two. This process is called reason-making. A decision from this place is as good as a guess. You cannot know the truth from this place; you can only know all the different reasons for this decision or that decision. Knowing is something altogether different; it is where we discover our truth.

Addiction The Shadow Side

The roots of suffering can be found wired into our physical body and in its essential needs such as air, warmth, physical contact etc. Next the astral/emotional body creates desires and cravings to mask confronting the wound. Finally, the mind reacts to these cravings by creating stories that will fulfill these desires.

The shadow of this Gene Key is addiction. Addiction is an internal interference pattern, or glitch that causes us to project happiness into the future, and tricks us into thinking it can be found by adding something to us. It is only by will, and denying ourselves these addictions are we forced to sit in the gap, experiencing the feeling of the wound, thus relieving its power over us. This starving of the astral body allows it to be purified and thus see the separation of the physical, mental and astral bodies. Silence therefore remains the ultimate addiction.

Addctions Root Causes

Addictions are rooted in conditioning. The open centers in our profile are an open doorway for pressure and conditioning of those people around us and the current cosmological transits that are going on as well. We are especially vulnerable to these energies as children. As we search to explore who we are and the world around us, we encounter pain via these open centers as we are taught to be something we are not, or discouraged for our inherent gifts and uniqueness. Our open centers are valuable places for learning, exploration and wisdom. So one major way that addiction happens is when we receive conditioning in a certain energy center, we then always reach for energy from that center. Plants, drugs, alcohol and people allow us to fill these centers with certain types of energy, giving us the temporary illusion of fulfillment and definition in these centers. These things are not to be demonized either, as they allow us to explore the energy of these centers in ways we may be meant to, but when we habitually become dependent on them due to conditioning, this is when it becomes unhealthy.

There are two main ways that the shadow can manifest itself depending on how we respond to it. Most everyone that deals with this shadow would have some aspect of both of these, however one of the two will always be predominant.

First is the repressive nature. When we repress this energy of confronting the wound, we respond by becoming frozen by the fear of what we will experience. Depression, lack of energy, or a very limited perception on what reality truly is are ways in which this can become apparent. In this way the repressive nature is the victim of the fear by becoming smaller in the face of it.

Second is the reactive nature.  Anxious, the unwillingness to experience the feeling of emptiness can cause one to react actively. A type of anxiety will fill this person as they start to sink into the fear associated with the wound. We notice this one heavily in these times we are in, people constantly on social media websites, texting, or working. Whether choosing numbness, or stimulation, one traps immense amounts of energy in these patterns and programs that creates a literally magical act if we can rest within these inner moments of silence.

Invention Addictions Hidden Gift

The gift of this shadow is invention. As we have been discussing there is a gap or a space that can be experienced in between the repeating patterns as energy travels through worn in neurological pathways. By resting in the gap, and confronting our wound, we come in contact from the same space in which we were birthed from. As we do this, the creative energy that would have been normally masked and stolen by the addiction now bursts forth and becomes a magical act of invention. Creative new ideas are born, we are given the opportunity to shift up an octave. We now have a creative addiction. Addiction keeps us thinking in circles, where creativity thinks in spirals.

The 24th Gene Key is also part of a channel called the Channel of the Thinker. Which combined with the 61st Gate of inner truth and mystery links the Ajna to the Head center.  The 61st Gene Key acts like the inner pressure of the mind seeking itself, this often comes across as the famous incessant questioning of Why?  Evidence of this seeking in a right brain manner can be found in religions, and left brain seeking in science. Both sides confront this feeling by deciding if we think enough, we can know the truth. If the head center of an individual is defined, they may very well be able to bring back the unknowable. This gift can empower others that don’t have the head defined, but if the shadow state is active, it can often leave others feeling confused and caught in their head. The key in working with this gift is not to turn away from the pressure of this questioning and become disenchanted and giving up on seeking truth, or become fanatical by becoming obsessed by the questioning. Those that become fanatical often get stuck on one answer and build their entire framework of reality around it. For those that do not have this gene key, the answers to inner truth and the mystery can still be found, but often times come not primarily through the mind, but through other centers within the body.

Next we have the programming partner to the 24th Gene Key, which is the 44th Gene Key of Interference / Teamwork / Synarchy. This manifests as our karmic relationships. If we meditate on this relationship we can begin to see deeply how these two work as a polarity with one another to create the programming effect. To really come to a deep inner standing of how this manifests, it is important to consider the axiom, as above, so below or as within so without. Interfearance works in a very similar manner in our outer lives and relationships. We as individuals are part of much larger fractal lines of humanity, some may refer to as soul groups. Each person that comes into our life offers us a unique lesson which we must embrace. Just as with addictions, we can get stuck in unhealthy loops and patterns by being too distrustful and misjudging others. Its no coincidence that its most often our relationships in this world that trigger our addictive patterns. Many times its even the people themselves in which we get addicted to, whether that be lovers, gurus, deities, friends, or even pets. This keeps us from finding healthy loving relationships that afford us the team work and syarchy that our beings seek in order to become the collective intelligence and organism that our soul groups seek.

The secret to the Siddhi, or the highest vibratory frequency of both the 24th, and the 44th Gene Keys is Silence. Some of the keys to the mystery of reincarnation lie in this Gene Key, for it is an addiction to form itself, this keeps consciousness from transcending its limits. What actually reincarnates has been greatly misunderstood, and will be explained in more details in later curriculum. For humanity to truly step into its next phases of evolution, it much come to a much deeper awareness of the wholeness of the organism of humanity and the earth.  It is in the moments of internal silence that we can commune with the highest aspects of both our inner world and our outer environment. True Silence manifests when our awareness moves from our mind, down into our Solar Plexus. This area contains a vast nervous system that when truly activated is beyond the realm of thinker, individual, or polarity consciousness. It is the activation of this other brain that the next phase of humanities evolution is now activating. This all takes place trough the activation of the 55th Gene Key which we will be going into in depth in later curriculum.

As we are being raised, the specific geometry of our genetics is seeking to fulfill its purpose here. In order to do that, the child looks for the experiences through the environment it needs in order to feel whole again, to realize is gifts, purpose, and to define its role within the collective. To inner stand this better, lets look at how a seed acts within an environment. The seed contains all of the information from its parents for what it would become in the perfect conditions of sunlight, water, nutrients. Some of these things are one hundred percent essential for the seed to even sprout at all. Others simply will decide if the seed will flower, or bare fruit. But the what will the condition of the flower or fruit be? The child seeks proper nutrients to grow its body, sun, air, water, fruits can all provide these. These will allow the organs and glands to then produce the proper chemicals and neurotransmitters as the child grows and comes in contact with its environment. The energetic body also looks for experiences, such as love through its karmic relationships. Addiction is what will manifest when the energies within the child look for these nutrients, and they either are not provided, or they are received with pain, judgement or trauma.

Some of the first things we can do to raise a child free of addiction are to begin by ridding ourselves of ours. This work begins even before we have the children, but especially once we do, by actually being an example of what it is we know the child can become. By ridding our selves of our own shadows, Even if we do not have children yet, or even don’t plan on having any, this ensures that the DNA we share with all of humanity will discontinue passing these genetic glitches on to future generations. Beyond this, we can also do our best to keep the child’s environment free of easily addictive things. This goes the same for us while we are ridding ourselves of our own addictions. Out of sight out of mind is an excellent practice to begin with for any things that keep us in an addictive state, unable to sit in the gap. Remove these things from our environment, sometimes we may even need to seek a new environment all together. This includes friends, family or loved ones. If the addiction is serious enough, never feel afraid to ask for, or seek help. While the first thoughts many of us have about addictions go to drugs or alcohol. But especially with children this includes mildly addictive food additives, addictive activities such as Facebook, or video games. We must be able to check into our own integrity and inner truth, and be familiar with children’s developmental phases in order to best judge when the child should be making its own decisions about these types of things. For certain as the child gets older, there will be cases where due to pressure of society, friends, and genetic sequences that they may still turn to these many habits. At this point its best to trust in what they have been taught in their upbringing, and finally to let go of our own judgements knowing they too have their own path they must take to work through whatever shadows they do have inherently.

As parents the prime way we can serve the development of the child is first adopting the practice of non-interfearance.  We first must do our best to free ourselve’s of the shadows which we contain so that we may provide the child with the best example. As difficult as this may hear, if someone doesn’t have a child yet, and they find themselves full of various shadow states, they must as them selves. Is this really the best time to have a child? Or should I continue my own self work a bit further and wait. We are not saying the environment must be perfect, but one should really use their own better judgment when it comes to their mental, physical, emotional and environmental state before consciously deciding to bring someone else into the world. We have close co-workers that now do many iridology readings on whole families. These readings allow the practitioner to see the health of the many organs and glands in the human body via the coloration’s in the eye. We have heard many reports now that very young children are coming out of the womb with the same deficiencies and degeneration that their parents have, even before the environment beings to take effect. These addictions can begin even before the womb, But especially in the womb via stress, addiction, or other experiences the mother has that then imprint the child. Then in the external environment once it is born. When a child is born, it generally comes into this world with its own inherent connection to its inner source, or divinity. This inner divinity guides it to the experiences, relationships and even answers many of its questions if it is encouraged to do so. When a child starts to begin to be triggered by the 61st Gate of Inner Truth and Mystery to ask Why am I here? Quite possibly the best thing we could do for that child is to guide it back to itself. Offer to sit in silence with the child while he or she searches inside for the answer to these types of questions. In the Siddic state, we literally have access to any type of information we can imagine, and even much beyond.

Astrological Correspondences

The 24th Gene Key is ruled by Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. The Medical Astrology correspondences to Taurus are throat, neck, thyroid and vocal track. The thyroid which secretes biological iodine is the magnetic center of the magical ear. This further shows us the correspondences to the invention and magical silence of this Gene Key. When the mind can be silenced we naturally tune into what is known as the music of the spheres, also known as the bird language. This is a intuitive type language that can only be learned by losing track of our lower egoic mind, and tuning into the language of nature that is always speaking around us.

Taurus: Neck, throat, palate, larynx, tonsils, lower jaw, ears, occipital region, cerebellum, atlas, axis, external carotid arteries, jugular veins, pharynx, thyroid gland, cervical vertebrae.

These herbs may be worked with  in various ways to get more in tune with the energy of this Gene Key, tinctures, spagyrics, teas etc. Please do your research about these plants and the best ways to work with them before doing so.

Related Esoteric Herbs: primrose, mint, thyme, violet, marshmallow, catnip, rose, carnation, saffron, honeysuckle, jasmine, tansy, wormwood, yarrow, soapwort, plantain ( herb), daisy, horehound, tansy

From http://www.addictionrecoveryguide.org/holistic/herbal_therapy

Herbs are natural plant substances that have a variety of effects on the body. Many herbs have long been used in detoxification. Kudzu has the potential for moderating alcohol abuse. Kava and valerian can be used to treat the insomnia that accompanies withdrawal. Milk thistle has been shown to improve liver function.

The use of herbs in the recovery process may be most effective when combined with other strategies that support the whole person including nutrition, bodywork, acupuncture, relaxation and exercise.

Resources on Herbal therapies and Supplements for Addiction Withdrawal

Medline Plus (www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/herb_All.html)
Database on Herbs and Supplements

The University of Maryland Herbal Database (umm.edu/health/medical/altmed)
Side effects and possible interactions of commonly used herbs.

RESEARCH: Takahashi M, Toduyama S. “Pharmacological and physiological effects of ginseng on actions induced by opioids and psychostimulants.” Methods & Findings in Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology. 20(1): 77-84, 1998.

This review summarizes studies that looked at the effects of ginseng on the actions of opioids and psychostimulants. Among the findings, ginseng was able to block the analgesic effects of opioids and inhibit tolerance to and dependence on morphine. Findings provide evidence that ginseng may be useful clinically for the prevention and treatment of morphine, cocaine, and methamphetamine dependence.

Akhondzadeh S. Kashani L, et al. “Passionflower in the treatment of opiates withdrawal: a double-blind randomized controlled trial.” Journal of Clinical Pharmacy & Therapeutics. 26(5):369-73, 2001.

The herbal extract Passionflower has been successfully used in the management of anxiety, and in this study the use of a daily dose of 60 drops of passionflower extract with a maximum daily dose of 0.8 mg of clonidine showed a significant superiority over clonidine alone in the management of mental symptoms associated with detoxification.

Addiction Recovery Supplements: Shilijit (Ionic Minerals)

Chinese Medicine:

Addiction has been found to be a product of disturbed Shen:

Shen Tonic Herbs : Rishi, Shisandra, Spirit Poria

Human Design Questions To Ponder:

The Not-Self questions to ask the Undefined Head:

Am I occupied with questions that don’t matter?

Am I trying to answer everybody else’s questions?

The Not-Self questions to ask the Undefined Ajna:

Are you pretending that you are mentally certain?

Are you trying to convince everyone else
that you are certain?

Are you holding on to concepts that do not serve you?

Are you rigid in your beliefs?


Fast For A Day on Fruit or Water and Write Down What Comes Up Interally.

Mini Vipassana :

Practice one or more days of total silence with or without your children. During this day make an effort to sit under a tree and open your heart and mind with an invitation to connect with the intelligence of the tree. Listen to a river, a spring, or even just the wind or rain. If your in a city, try to go to park and just listen to birds and sounds of nature as much as possible. Also refrain from addictive habits

such as TV, Computers, Music, Addictive Foods, sugars, salts, fats, coffee etc.

Addiction Meditations:

Rest in the Gap Meditation ( Dzochgen ) Coming Soon

24th Gene Key Guided Activation Meditation: Coming Soon

HUGS Raises Funds For Standing Rock #NODAPL


Sacred Land and The Right To Clean Water

Currently HUGS has raised almost two thousand dollars to support the Standing Rock camp based on the frontlines of the protest. Our contact Brad Kallio from the Zynoc Foundation has been on the ground working very hard to ensure that renewable energy solutions are brought to the camps to provide various needs to the protestors at the camps as the very harsh winter that has been setting in for some time now. As if it wasnt already hard enough for the protestors, many of them women and children taking injury from illegal beating, rubber bullets, and much more. The temperatures each morning are often around – 7 degrees or more.

Here is an official post we have made to gather support. 100% of donations go to the camp!  You can Donate here 

Currently on the Standing Rock Reservation in Mew Mexico there exists a conflict of weather or not to run a major oil pipeline underground that would most likely contaminate many precious fresh water sources for millions of people in North America. Without clean water, life cannot exist as we know it on earth. This pipeline will cross the Missouri River and Cannon Ball River which is the lifeline to many tribes and non-native, when this pipeline leaks it will destroy the water and land. Water is life ! So this pipeline is along the Missouri River and the KL pipeline was along the Ogall aquifer both are important to save.Many solutions have already currently been developed to allow all aspects of our present society to function without the use of crude oil. We wish to support the effort to prevent the pipleline by developing renewable energy sources at the reservation in order to demonstrate the lack of need for this oil. We  support the indigenous in saving this sacred land by supporting those who are putting their lives on the line for protecting our mother earth and valuable resrouces that will be important for many future generations.

Here is the most recent update from Brad.

We are asking for financial support for water-Yurts, solar panels, medical supplies- food and blankets for the camp. This is a prayer camp movement to save our sacred land and water and has been entirely supported by the people and the campers. We are in great appreciation for all you contributions….Wopila lila tanka– we are deeply grateful for you contributions thank you! The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is a federally recognized tribe of American Indians. 81 Federal Register 26826, 26830 (May 4, 2016). Under the Indian Tribal Government Tax Status Act of 1982, 26 U.S.C. § 7871 et seq. , Indian tribes are treated like states for purposes of federal income, estate and gift tax deductions for charitable contributions.


The Elements of Ascension

The Elements of Ascension


What if many of the thoughts and feelings that you had every day were not yours? What if the solution lies not in trying to rid yourself of these thoughts and feelings but to be aware of them and to ask why and where they are coming from? Perhaps a teaching lies beneath the surface. Some aspect of Self is looking for love, or appeasement and if you know how to listen, you can heal.  


This weekend we were fortunate enough to be able to connect with Medicine Man, and Tribal Chief Nilson Tuwe. Needless to say, I was even more fortunate to be able to have my first experience doing the Sacred Fire for his prayer circle. This was by far the most powerful circle I have ever been a part of and I wish to share with all of you the teachings that were transmitted while doing the sacred fire.

After the prayer started, I noticed that my consciousness, and conception of self, super imposed itself upon the fire. I was literally becoming the living intelligence of the Element of Fire. This element taps us into and assists our resonation between each other on a deeper level, as it is present in all of us. It was easy to see the interconnectedness between us all. The clarity and change between the interaction of the elements within notifies me I am going deeper into the prayer. Revelations came that what we experience in this dimension, or matrix, is a product of the interaction between the five sense’s, a combination of either their harmony or conflict with one another. In the past, the elements were beings of vast intelligence that incarnated into bodies, we now call the Elements, to have experiences. After millennia of interactions with one another, battles one might say, producing much of what we see here on this planet, the elements decided that they wanted to come together in a way that they could learn to be at peace and harmony with one another. To do this, they all took oaths, and were bonded to one another in a pact. The result of which is the human body. When fire, our desire to learn and to consume, gets out of balance, it causes Earth to get jealous. Hence why Earth puts out fire. Water, out of its deep compassion wishes to sooth the pain of fires desire, and cools it. Creating the myst, or the mystical. This myst is what reflects and refracts the light of the fire creating the experience we are interpreting here as life.


You may have heard before that the ancestors wish to be honored, or given offerings; prayers, foods, incense, tobacco, etc. These items or energies are then dedicated to the ancestors in honor and respect for them. While this is a beautiful and authentic gesture, during the prayer I came to a new realization.  What if the way we can honor these elements and ancestors is by honoring their current state in which they exist and have experience in now?  


The main one of which is our body. The elements came here to learn how to live in peace and harmony with one another. They also came to teach us how to live in peace and harmony with one another. This is all matter of perspective. The reason you see in Chinese medicine that the organs and glands correspond to various elements, is because they are literally the seals, or governors that hold the most amount of intelligence and most energy for that elemental consciousness within the body.


If you want to start to experience what I am speaking of for yourself, on a very simple level its available to you right now as you read this article here. I want you to start breathing in very deep, long and slow. Make sure when you are breathing its into your abdomen, and not just into your chest. Now after a few deep breaths, I want you to close your eyes, and begin to notice what your skin is feeling. Can you feel air on your skin? I want you to really feel, as much and as many things as you can in your body right now. When we start feeling, and stop paying so much attention to just the mind. We begin to experience more of the earth and water elements within us. Now if you really want to connect more with just the element of earth. I want you to take note of how you are sitting. Now start to make the motions of standing up, do you notice the energy that tends to want to stay seated? That’s the earth element as well. There are many ways to connect on deeper and deeper levels with these elements.

So how can we use this type of knowledge and wisdom to benefit us along our path? To aid us in the process of ascension….. It told me that as we go through out our daily lives, and experiences. It is mainly this lack of balance of the elements that generates the conflict. We interpret this interaction as stories, stories which cause us to be confused and ignorant of our limitless nature.The desire of fire often times rages so intensely that we cannot see beyond its beautiful dance. When a fire burns so bright, we can get lost, attaching ourselves to the story that is created while it burns up our body, our resources, and that of those around us as well. This over abundance of fire on this planet at this time is obvious if we take a look. Our rain forests being cut down and depleted, only to be used for the purpose of producing the same things that cause our bodies to be out of balance. Meat, Dairy, Palm Oil, Coffee and Cacao, all these things are the major causes for deforestation right now on the planet. These same items, when ingested, cause the elements of our body to go out of balance with one another. Cacao of course, can be used as an amazing medicine, and a plant teacher as well. But its over consumption and abuse is now a serious problem for the forest.


In order to move forwards in our process of ascension and evolution. We must learn how to take care of our body, and thus our planet. It showed me that the body is a gift we are given to learn how to manage properly, then we can then move on to be able to manage larger bodies such as a planet or a star. But first we must begin to be able to manage this body, this temple we are given. This dynamic however, is not some sort of punishment system, its simply natural law. These laws are built into the fabric of existence, and they respond naturally to our development. When we are ready to take on greater roles, manage more energy, and move into more expansive places we do. I hope this more dynamic perspective of the world we live in can assist you on your path. In future videos and writings I plan to go more in depth on this and many more subjects.

-Thomas Sochowicz

edited by Danielle Rodenroth

The Tantric Nature of Existence Part 1

Maybe the word ‘foodgasm’ is more accurate than we thought.  Sexual, or tantric, energy is the life creating force and is present in every aspect of our reality and existence. All day we are bombarded, penetrated, by all sorts of stimulus. It’s about time we have a look at how these energy dynamics work and bring ourselves back into a state of balance.

“The capacity to perceive the expressive qualities of things inheres spontaneously in the human mind. It is found most purely in children, at early states of civilization, and in persons of highly developed intuitive sensitivity, such as artists. It is hampered by a civilization that favors practical utility in a purely physical sense and hesitates to acknowledge the existence of phenomena that cannot be measured or counted (Rudolf Arnheim, The Dynamics of Architectural Form, 1977).’’

There is a broad spectrum of omnipresent creative, or tantric, energy present in our everyday life, which is directly involved with consumption of all forms through all of our senses.  Every interaction is a transfer of energy in some form. Fruits are the sexual reproductive organs of plants enticing you with their sweet taste and juicy flesh with their agenda of spreading their seeds.  Smells are most directly connected with the emotional centers of the brain, influencing where we send our energy. The voice has a tremendous ability to be an instrument for healing. Mantra yoga is a technique of human self-realization through the use of inner sounds or nadas that are awakened through outer and inner toning and chanting.  When sound enters our fields/bodies we experience changes in the vibrational pattern of the body (physical and subtle) to its electro-magnetic field.


We consume with our eyes every time we are scrolling through our Facebook feeds, surfing the web, watching videos, sight seeing etc. Daily interactions with others on a simple level, is just energy being consumed and fed.  Even our thoughts are impregnating the space that they are entering. As you see, these are all subtle energies that are in constant communication and interaction with each other. The most successful marketers, politicians, businesses, and anyone else who is vying for your currency (energy) knows this and they use it to their benefit, often without our awareness. Times are changing and we are all wising up. Being aware and learning to work with these subtle energies will drastically change your life.

If sexual energy is the most powerful (since it creates life), we should truly innerstand what we are doing with it, who and what we are consuming and also what is being fed with our energy. Now that you know all things carry an energetic frequency or signature, you can now see how these energies can be transformed either through consuming or being consumed.

When most people think of tantra, they think of crazy sex positions and religion. While this may be one aspect of it to some, tantra is simply the nature of life creating energy and the art of engaging in an active, conscious relationship with this energy to reach enlightenment. Tantric teachings are as old, if not older, than recorded history.  You can see evidence in Khemetic teachings, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, ect…The list goes on. This is due to the extremely powerful nature of tantric teachings and many have been quoted saying that only true tantric practitioners can go “all the way” on the path to enlightenment. Kind of seems fitting if you can begin to look at life itself as one giant tantric love making session. According to some, this is actually the case with literal physical tantric teachings. While for myself, this is something that remains to be seen, I am certain that in the very least, energetically one must learn the ways of tantra to be able to make it in the quest of enlightenment.

Everything in our very existence is sexual and tantric in some way. The biggest difference between your average sexual encounter, and tantra is knowingly entering into these types of teachings. To become aware that these types of teachings and interactions are going on, one must first be aware of the spiritual nature of everything that’s going on around them. Everything that is surrounding us as at every moment has a spiritual nature to it. This becomes more then apparent once one can begin to de-calcify the pineal gland, and clean the energy centers within their body.  We can make this simple and apparent though when we look at our interaction with a plant. Every plant has a spirit, that when we choose to take it into our body we are now entering into a sexual relationship with it. It is entering our body, and aspects of us are entering into is as well. We can especially see this kind of thing if we get down to the cellular level.  What is it we are looking for when we enter this relationship? Well, often times, that depends on the plant. The plant spirits have a lot to offer and to teach, however, many can be quite demanding as well.  Let’s use coffee as an example for this one, as it’s quite a common plant spirit for people to work with. Most people tend to have quite an abusive relationship with this plant as well. I know I have been guilty of this myself in the past. We go to coffee because the taste, the smell, but most often because of the way it makes us feel. Due to our diet, and unhealthy relationships with other things we consume, we find our selves needing more energy, or a pick me up. So our energy enters into the feminine polarity of this plant, looking for that feeling. The masculine aspect of the coffee, in turn gets to enter into us, and experience the world and a new and different way, using our sense body to perceive.  This relationship starts to become abusive when we need this plant more and more, just as we might a sexual partner. Taking her as we please to do our bidding of giving us the energy we need, because our body has forgotten how to do this on its own and has become reliant on it. Because of this imbalance, the plant starts having destructive, or abusive, effects on us. It’s taxing our adrenals, flooding us with neurotoxins, depleting the water reserves etc.


We can now begin to see how these types of teachings are important, and can be superimposed onto other aspects of our life. Because these types of spiritual teachings are left out of or schools and modern society, this can leave us vulnerable to all sorts of spiritual attacks. 

Now that your third eye has begun to open, we can clarify about the detrimental effects on your energies to watch pornography.  Let’s look at the reasons that the people in the pornography industry would generally take part in the films, or videos. Most likely this is due to an imbalanced relationship they have with their sexual energy.  Feeling that they need to sell themselves in this way in exchange for money, or excitement. Those that enter into this business are often ‘handled’ by some sort of spiritual entity or archonic force. A force/energy that is being fed through this process and keeping the person in a lower vibratory state. The entity does this knowing that if it puts the person in the position to be in a video, that those watching the video will then feed it more energy. The people watching also drop to the same low frequency and tune into these archonic forces. The sexual energy we have within us, is the creative life force energy. It is the same energy that animates our body, that gives it life, and that can give life to a child. This is the way that we know we are supreme beings, because we have this power and ability to create life. When this energy does not go into making a life, but still leaves our body, it has to go somewhere. So that means while watching this video, in exchange for the feeling of power, excitement, and lust that we feel, the beings in the video then feed off those energies, and then get “brought to life” by our life force energy that we expel. This is why people that are generally into watching pornography tend to fall into the same type of addictive/dependent relationship as people do with drugs. This entity needs more and more energy to stay alive being fueled by the same types of energy that we look for when watching the film.  This same type of experience is happening not just during pornographic films, but all films, and many spiritual activities as well.  The same can happen when we give energy to fantasies in our mind, or when we simply watch regular movies. Even without the act of having a sexual release, our life force energy is still given, or often unknowingly taken by energetic entities in movies, on tv, in books etc.  I am not here to tell you that this is good or bad really.  My purpose is to make people aware of these interactions. That this type of thing is going on, to show people how the spiritual realms work. Only then can people begin to make proper choices that are more healthy and beneficial for their being, on their path.  This is part one of a series I plan to do on the Tantric nature of existence. If you have enjoyed this, or found it informative, please share. If you would like to learn how to incorporate and experience these types of things more directly, please contact me about my personal activation program.

-Thomas Sochowicz

edited by Danielle Rodenroth

HUGS Team Blog

I used to daydream about what I do now

It’s a Sunday morning, Tom and I woke up early to help move a giant table that was donated to the ladies to assist with their bead-work. These girls didn’t even know each other a few months ago but now they’re running a business and creating pieces that I know everybody gets a lot of joy from.


Currently there are 3 Shipibo women in the living room dressed in traditional garments of solid brightly coloured shirts with a ruffled circular fringe around the neck and unique Shipibo patterned skirts that remind me of a book of mazes I had when I was a child. They’re going to be collaborating with us, we can supply high quality vibrant coloured beads for them and they will teach us their traditional style (including how the pattern is telling a story or how it represents a song or Icaro).

The HUGS ground team could be considered a strange mish-mash of people who might not have ever come together except that we all felt pulled in our own way to arrive here in Peru somehow. We are a team of leaders but with no leader, each one of us recognizing our own power to effect change in ourselves and in doing so, we naturally attract others with these qualities.

I want to tell you a secret that won’t be secret for much longer…There is a movement happening in this world, a movement away from being led by others and a movement towards trusting your own heart.

I ask myself questions such as

What would I be doing if I could do anything at all?

*something that filled me up inside*

Where would I be?

*somewhere with palm trees*

Who would be there?

*people I thought of like a team or family*

This is dream-scaping for me; I imagine what I would most like in my world and then I notice how it gets fulfilled. After some integration I can imagine again from the new place. It’s not uncommon lately for me to ask those questions again and have the answers come back *this*, *here*, *everybody who is in my life*… this tells me I’m in an integration phase.

I met up with HUGS immediately after I moved to Peru and it just fit. While we’re not a large group, it is a strong group. We all bring different skill sets to the table;

  • Dani creates amazing bead work, is a trained chef and is like a lightening rod for networking with people, she also does some blogging and content writing for the website. (multiligual)
  • Christina is another great chef and also creates amazing bead work, she provides blogging and visual design assistance with the website as well.
  • Tom is our video creator and editor, he excels at network relations and decision making. (Tom add your own piece here regarding innersolution, healings etc)
  • Kathy is a Peruvian native (Lima) and provides tremendous help with translating and local business relationships, she also handles the Instagram section of our site and we’re very impressed with her camera skills. She also creates amazing beadwork and supports our educational initiatives here in Tarapoto.
  • Taj is our go-to guy for video, content writing, business contacts and relationship building. He is a Social Entrepreneur and is dedicated to supporting our work to become thriving and successful.
  • and this writer Trevor, I am living my dream out here constructing the online palace that will be HUGS,  living in Tarapoto (the “City of Palms” -I did imagine palm trees!), connected with a network of like-minded individuals who feel like family.

The dream from here is to build a HUGE network of people who are waking up to the power inside of themselves to create the changes they want. This is no small feat and the ones who are drawn here have done some self work and dreaming of their own. We want HUGS to be a hub, a hangout spot both offline and online while you learn to bring forth the greatest version of you.  Solution-based problem solving is encouraged here, in fact it’s the “S” in Humans Unifying Global Solutions. We’re not oblivious to “problems” we just choose to feed solutions and operate from that space.

At the time of writing this we have not yet officially received our non-profit 501c(3) status but please consider us as such.  With all of our projects, funding and energy, we will be able to create a sustainable and stable environment for us that starts with the basic necessities of life such as clean water, healthy food, shelter and love. Together we support each other to achieve these most basic of needs so we can expand to the next level (which is thriving). As we expand on our model, naturally symbiotic businesses begin to emerge that allow us to become producers and sellers of our favorite things!

List of current endeavors


To be accessed by the HUGS community as an intermediary spot (between housing or healing retreats) and prices will be subsidized so just the cost of running the establishment is maintained.


This business is off and running already and the orders are pouring in thanks to the quality work put out by Dani and Christina. Our next level is working with traditional Shipibo tribe, to get them a fair wage for the work they do while also educating us on the rich culture behind this tradition.


We have access to a coconut factory that creates the best Coconut oil in Tarapoto, their by-product is cakes of pressed coconut shavings that is excellent for making flour and coconut milk and we are able to start utilizing it.


Local farmers are unfairly massively underpaid (so much for “Fair-trade”) for this raw material. The quality of the bean here is what they call “B grade” currently. We would like to work directly with the farmers to produce an “A grade” bean to be able to produce the worlds best chocolate. 🙂


In alignment with our offline missions we also look to continue our model of a sustainable community online. We’re fusing well known networking tools like email, forums, instant messaging and blogging with the power of a new paradigm where we group together to be role models for what’s possible in the world. Keeping in mind this is all non-profit so everything that comes in flows right back out again which is what sustainability is about; a system that supports itself easily.


I wrote this blog with the intention of making clear what we are doing and where we are headed. To make it short and sweet, we believe something beautiful is happening in our hearts that can no longer be ignored. For those who see it, hear it, feel it please know that your not alone.

HUGS- Humans Unifying Global Solutions

Written by: Trevor King

Awakening on the path: Flawless Defense

Awakening to ideas and concepts that not long ago seemed well past ridiculous…

I once met a woman who told me the strangest thing. She said she did not lock her doors to her home or car because she did not give power to fear (paraphrasing). I was immediately both repelled and intrigued by this notion. On one hand I felt that while she might be getting some temporary satisfaction from not worrying it, it would only be a matter of time before she had her house broken into or her car stolen and then the illusion would be broken. I would have made this judgement and went along my un-merry way, if she wasn’t my teacher for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I gained much respect for her when one day she helped facilitate some serious self-healing for me through a technique that is known as “Parts Integration”.

Though I could write several blogs just on this one subject I am not here to do that. The quick version is that I sat in a chair and as best I could, projected a “feeling that always seemed to be looming over me” at another chair across from me. It was all a little confusing as to what the heck we were up to at first, until she asked me to sit in the other chair. When I sat down I felt different immediately. My blood boiled and I felt a kind of anger rise up that I would deny every existed in me… if it just wasn’t so familiar. I knew when I felt this way, when I was a teenager I felt like this. I must have suppressed it at some point because I knew I actually didn’t express my anger very well (it was very stifled). Now that it was clear , I was able to then forgive myself for both feeling that way, but also for suppressing it. The world seemed like quite an inhumane place and a frustrated child can turn into an angry teenager. I was smart enough to recognize that that kind of anger could land me in jail for most of my life, so somehow I “stuffed it away”.

It may seem counter intuitive but after that experience I became much more in touch with my anger. This was actually a very therapeutic process, as I had been in denial of its very existence before that. Another thing I learned from this woman after that experience is that there are actually:

 4 Stages to Consciousness

1.Unconscious Incompetence

The individual does not understand or know how to do something and does not necessarily recognize the deficit. They may deny the usefulness of the skill. The individual must recognize their own incompetence, and the value of the new skill, before moving on to the next stage. The length of time an individual spends in this stage depends on the strength of the stimulus to learn.

2.Conscious Incompetence

Though the individual does not understand or know how to do something, he or she does recognize the deficit, as well as the value of a new skill in addressing the deficit. The making of mistakes can be integral to the learning process at this stage.

3.Conscious Competence

The individual understands or knows how to do something. However, demonstrating the skill or knowledge requires concentration. It may be broken down into steps, and there is heavy conscious involvement in executing the new skill.

4.Unconscious Competence

The individual has had so much practice with a skill that it has become “second nature” and can be performed easily. As a result, the skill can be performed while executing another task. The individual may be able to teach it to others, depending upon how and when it was learned.

This woman had brought me from stage 1 to stage 2 of addressing my anger, once I became conscious of it, I could take over the “awakening” from there. Maybe there could be something to this after all, feeling like I received much more than I paid for (when does that ever happen?). I had to give her credit but of course I put it to the back of my mind and there it stayed for years.

Awakening with Ayahuasca

Several years later as I was training a client, he asked me if I had ever heard of “Ayahuasca”. I admitted that I hadn’t and he informed me that it was some kind of Shaman drink that’s used for healing in South America. At that time, I was consciously incompetent about loving myself and thought that it sounded pretty intense (which I like). I flew to Iquitos, Peru a few months later with him to stay at a jungle lodge for 3 weeks and to partake in 10 Ayahuasca ceremonies. I have written many blogs on this topic, but I am not here for that either. The short version of this experience is that Ayahuasca both healed me and gave me the “Secrets of The Universe”…


I will share a little more of these “secrets” since they are for everyone!

1.Everything I have ever experienced, was and is PERFECT because it has led me to now.

2.There is one consciousness [of all] split into many, that seemingly have individual experiences while still being a part of the whole. You are everything, and you are no thing. Imagine 7.3 Billion people (reference) on Earth each having a unique experience from their point-of-view but also sharing in the collective experience of one (like atoms, to cells, to organs).

3.You do not die. In fact, you are infinite. Look no further than The law of conservation of energy, also known as the first law of thermodynamics for proof.

There is obviously much much more to share but this good for now. I finally could innerstand why my teacher did not lock her doors, she didn’t give power to her fears. I have now had experiences that have shown me personally that security comes from knowing you CANNOT be harmed. When you can’t be harmed, you leave your security system un-armed. Let me be VERY clear; this doesn’t mean I won’t ever get robbed or attacked. It just means I’m going to have unique experiences as an infinite being, I’d rather leave fear out of it as a future or past marker and enjoy the flawlessness of no defense. The idea that- What do I have to keep out? What am I defending against? What do I need to protect? My property? -I don’t own any. My “things”? -I sold most of it to exchange for my experiences. My life? -I am infinite! The life of a loved one? -So are they!

Awakening for me NOW is integration with others. I encourage you to not take on this information as YOUR truth or to blindly regurgitate it as a known fact. It is MY experience and it is true for me. Maybe this will lead you to have some of your own experiences!


Trevor King

Following Your Intuition Part 6

Hello from Peru!


Though I don’t write all that often, I certainly ponder many things to write about in regards to my next blog. It always boils down to the same ingredient; documenting my experiences as I perceive them with no intention past that. My internal workings far exceed anything going on outside of myself and have no doubt that a day spent in solitude would garner just as much (if not more) content than any blog I have written.



Three things of note stand out since my last blog and while one of them I won’t extract much joy from writing about, it is the freshest in my mind. Whenever asked “Would you like the good news or bad news first?” I have always leaned towards the bad first in the hopes of it being overshadowed by the good news to come. I am reminded of programming like ‘don’t eat your dessert until you’ve had your supper’ and song’s with lyrics like “You went and saved the best for last”. So in that spirit I will share the bad news first, even though it is not chronological in occurrence.



Truly I have never known anything about this life threatening canine virus until about four days ago. Both of the house puppies fell ill and couldn’t hold down food. The usually well-fed dogs could be seen to be losing weight quickly so that their hips started protruding and I could see every rib. Things went downhill VERY fast and when both of the puppies started having stools with blood, it was time for a trip to the vet. The vet in Tarapoto, Peru is not the same as back home- there is no x-ray machine or ultrasound to check the inner workings for obstructions -and so you are left wondering what they can provide past treatment based on the physical symptoms they were displaying. The pups were provided a saline drip for dehydration some antibiotics that we were slightly wary of because of a past bad experience. Thankfully we have Skype speed-dial access to a vet-turned holistic MD named Dr. Darko who guided us to begin a regiment that also relied heavily on re-hydration and the use of Colloidal Silver.


I had heard of Colloidal Silver before, but my experience with it was purely research-based. It seemed, for every bit of research I did that yielded positive results, there would be another article scaring the crap out of me. I filed it under “Too Scared to Try”… until I arrived in this house where our housemate Dave Stewart not only swears by it (and drinks it often) but also shares it with the locals when they come to him with various maladies. Research was quickly collected and it became obvious that the dogs were suffering from Parvovirus, A disease that kills 80% of the veterinary cases documented. We collected the dogs from the vet and purchased a kit to administer IV fluids. We took shifts staying up 24 hours, administering fluids via intravenous, oral and rectal syringe. This virus is scary to see in action.


Severe diarrhea and nausea are the initial result, but eventually the villi and microvilli become so damaged that they begin to break down, and the bacteria that are normally confined to the GI tract embark on a deadly journey out of the intestine and into the bloodstream. This is the cause of both significant blood loss through diarrhea and widespread infection inside the body. To make matters worse, the body’s immune system is not quite up to par, as its ability to produce new white blood cells to combat infection has been hampered by the invasion of CPV into the bone marrow. CPV is not always fatal, but when it does kill, death is as a result of either extreme dehydration and shock, or of septic toxins produced by the intestinal bacteria roaming throughout the bloodstream.


Some of the bowels movements I saw looked like the onscreen set of a horror movie and it was hard to imagine they could ever recover. Each of my housemates (6 of us in total) were handling this environment in their own way from trying anything new they could think of, to the other end of the spectrum, removing themselves to another part of the house to stay out of the way. I personally decided to be present for the experience because I could see how I might be useful if only to administer fluids during my shift (and provide some comfort with some softly spoken words of encouragement and a pat). When things looked to be there bleakest, I found myself speaking to one of the dogs and giving him advice to hold on. I looked into his dark, barely coherent eyes and saw myself staring back in a way that could only be described as “Why should I?”.



This happens ever-increasingly in my world; that I could be handing out advice and the realization occurs that I am the best one to be taking that advice. In this case, I was asking this little puppy to continue with life but when confronted with the WHY of it, I was momentarily stumped. I forced myself to answer that question on the spot and came up with this:
 “Because in your best moments you have a playful spirit that reaches out and effects all of us.”


So very simple and true for both of us… maybe all of us. I don’t know how the puppies will fair going forward from here, today they seem to be recovering though and we’re all very grateful for that. Nobody has had much sleep these last few days and sometimes silly arguments ensue, but there has also been an awful lot of healing going on and I’m glad I decided to participate.


I finish this blog today speaking about something that truly made my heart sing: waking up inside of a cloud just outside the city of Moyobamba.

While here, I have met some REALLY amazing people and two of these people are Manuel and his wife Julie. They were attending the Ayahuasca ceremony at Katari a few weeks ago and I couldn’t stop looking at him. The locals here are usually shorter in stature with a slight build. This man was uncharacteristically taller and HUGE! Like shredded with muscles huge, and somehow you know it has nothing with a gym and certainly NO steroids. Adding to his size is a tattoo planted squarely between his eyes of an infinity sign and a triangular symbol that begged to me to know more about this man. Our housemate Danielle (who is an excellent Spanish translator) introduced us and I am so glad she did. 

There is a community of people in Peru who desire a stronger connection with the earth and also with each other. This community has no real home currently, it’s simply a collection scattered around with some actively looking to connect, others letting it happen naturally- but it’s here! My housemates are looking to start a terra-firma community and also to find a place to host this years Raices de la Tierra festival. It just so happens that this couple owns 50 Hectares (124 Acres) of some of the most beautiful land I have ever seen. After a few house meetings (where we showed him some of the projects we were working on) he invited us out to have a look at their property. We hopped in the back of a truck and drove about 3 hours to Moyobamba- what appears to be (with just a cursory glance) a better version of Tarapoto! Cleaner streets with garbage cans, joggers, hot springs close by, and with better quality fruit and veggies (and considerably cheaper food).

Their land is about ten minutes from town and was our next destination, We arrived to find five interconnected huts in the shape of a southern cross, 3 hectares of pineapples growing and an onsite waterfall! The land is rolling hills and set between 3 mountains with the house set up on one of the higher hills in the middle (which was annoying to walk up even with his make shift stairs),but a sheer joy to be at the top of. 

We spent the night there and I was awoken by Christina at 6:00am for me to look outside- we were high enough to literally be inside a cloud! I spent about an hour before actually getting up that morning to meditate (usually when I meditate I close my eyes and allow thoughts to come in and move away- like clouds), mostly keeping my eyes open taking in the breathtaking beauty. It turns out that Manuel doesn’t get out to this property very often, and was planning on selling it but after meeting and talking with us, decided to offer it up as a place to be used for the festival and also as a home base for our conscious community (should my housemates decide that works for them)!

This week, we have agreed to six days of dieting with a special plant called Sananga. Meals will be prepared by Julie over an open fire and won’t contain any sugar (fruit included) or meat. These 6 days will be spent mostly in solitude with no talking or touching, just experiencing yourself eating cleanly, meditating and getting to know this plant Sananga. I will cover this in detail in my next blog.

In closing, I would like to say my beliefs around what is and isn’t possible are becoming blurred in this part of the world. For now I’m content to observe others manifest their desires into form while taking note. Yo Soy!

Following Your Intuition Part 5


Update #5
Hello all, I have a lot of catching up to do! Since my last blog post I broke ANOTHER camera/phone… this time it was borrowed (that makes 3 in total). Christina has replaced it with a local iPad called a “Tupad” and I have mostly kept my hands off of it since we can’t afford to break anything else :/
I want to talk about the theme that seems to be playing out currently in my life and that’s transformation. It is coming in the form of realizing that what I used to write off as unimportant or trash is not at all what I thought it was. Much like the scientists mapping the human genome wrote off 97% of it as “junk DNA“, I too am discovering the many uses for the things that currently get thrown away.


First (and also my favorite) is that my roommate put me in touch with a guy who creates pure virgin coconut oil. His product is of the highest quality and his price point reflects that. By-product that is created by making it is a coconut mash and up until now he’s been throwing it away. He dried a large amount of it out for us and delivered about 10lbs of it. This by-product has SO many uses and one of the first things we did was create fresh coconut milk, it far surpassed in flavor any of the coconut milk we’ve ever purchased at home! Not only that but were just touching the surface of what we can use this dried material for. It’s currently the consistency of sawdust and can be used for any food stuffs as a base (like flour is to bread) or as a healthy additive.Second is very similar but with a different product its called Sacha Inchi (a type of wild peanut) and is another super food. It’s sold locally as whole/ground nuts or a powder but I was informed that in reverse to what’s happening with the coconut oil, the manufacturers are throwing away the essential oil as by-product when they’re making the powder! the oil from this nut contains omega 3-6-9 fats and is also a solid source of protein, as somebody who has a background in health this is like a double home run when we get essential fats and protein in one product!

All my work out here seems to revolve around taking what others consider “trash” and learning first hand that there is NO SUCH THING!



We literally have a use for everything out here…even the plastic waste get used by shoving the plastic wrappers and bags into the bottles until the bottle becomes as hard as a brick and then…it gets used as a brick. The school here teaches the local children things like this and they just eat it up! If I’m going to be honest the kids here learn it much faster than I do and they take joy in bringing trash from outside and stuffing it in the bottles (while I sometimes shove a piece of plastic where I’m not supposed to when nobody is looking) Haha! I’m a work in progress… but the message is being understood loud and clear and I can see with my own eyes how this type of thinking is creating a healthier, sustainable planet.


I had my first Ayahuasca ceremony out here (truly there isn’t much to write about that experience), the cup was half a coconut shells worth and it was the most I have ever drank in one go. The taste is exactly as I remembered and I have developed a gag reflex to it. Getting it all down was a tremendous effort, that being said, the effects were the weakest I have ever experienced (with no visuals or inner journeys). I did however experience the cleansing aspect… as Mr. Gump likes to say “that’s about all I have to say about that”.


A caterpillar made it’s way into our room last week and I was amazed as it had a forked tail like a snakes tongue and the brightest orange colored head. A couple of days ago I noticed some commotion in the aquaponics area so I poked my head in and that same caterpillar has now cocooned. I guess it’s a ball of mush in there right now but I look forward to seeing what emerges. In the meantime please keep yourself entertained with pictures of my furry housemates!


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