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Coravida Cause

Cora Vida Heart Healing Center

We have hospitals to help with broken bodies.. but where do broken hearts go?
Coravida: Heart Centers for Emotional Healing
Anytime you are going through a break up, loss, or ready to let go of emotional trauma, check into a Coravida Heart Center and you will find:
– Heart Doctors ready to listen and support your transition through a difficult time
– Vibrant nutritious organic foods and juices or detox to make you feel your best
– Lots of affection for those who need it: hugging, cuddling, massaging
– Nightly heart healing or medicinal ceremonies with live music, cacao and more
– Group yoga and meditation
– Private space to reflect and process
– Accommodations in our world class retreat centers and resorts

Coravida Costa Rica
Heart Center in Manuel Antonio

$500/wk all inclusive private room
$350/wk all inclusive shared room
$29 a month membership (for outside guests)
$500 one-time membership (lifetime access to center and events, plus online hosted and streaming events and app with exclusive content and support to help if you cannot make it to a center)