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July 4th-Connections with Sirius

4th of JULY-Why Are We Celebrating?

Ignite the Fire From Within

What are the connections between Sirius and “Independence Day”?

July 4 is Independence Day, the day that the USA celebrates its birthday. It is also around the time that the Sun meets with the highly mystical star, Sirius.

Could it be any coincidence that America’s birthday coincides with this fated day?

The brightest star in the heavens- Sirius 

Every year on July 4 from our Earth’s position, our Sun is in conjunction with Sirius, The Sacred star of ISIS (The Goddess of the Divine Feminine). Esoterically this star is our Spiritual Sun and is associated with liberation. According to ancient teachings, the concept of freedom resides in human consciousness because of the influence of this star system.


In esoteric philosophy we are told that Sirius is the source of the Intelligences that originally came from the star Sirius to give infant humanity the source of Divine Wisdom, the Divine Spark of Sacred Fire from the Halls of the Blue Flame. ”http://www.aquariuspapers.com/astrology/…now_h.html

It is a Star believed to be of a very high frequency and has long been revered by the Mayans and Ancient Egyptians.

In fact, for the Ancient Egyptians Sirius was a very special star and was known to bring blessings of abundance, fertility and a rebirth. The Egyptians also believed that Sirius was where the souls of the dead would go after they left earth.

Many Ancient cultures also believed that there were other forms of life on Sirius that would make contact with earth to offer insight and intelligence to advance the human race.

Other Ancient civilisations also believed that the meeting of the Sun and Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, was a signifier of illumination and a time when light and truth would be shed on the world.

This light was said to bring about a new evolution or way of being. This light was said to bring about a rebirth for all of those living on earth.

Sirius is even brighter than our own Sun, so many considered it to be the “Sun of the Sun”. In fact, it was believed that our Sun was the illuminator of the physical world whereas, Sirius was the illuminator of the spiritual world.

When Sirius and the Sun meet around the 4th-7th of July every year, the energy of Sirius is believed to become highly potent and influence planet earth on a much more significant level.

Earth’s Sun being in Cancer at this time, symbolises a time of intuitive reflection and nourishment. The Sun in Cancer represents a time where we can connect with our emotions and transform them into spiritual enlightenment.

As the Cancerian Sun and Sirius meet, the first week of July becomes a powerful and potent time for making conscious changes, spiritual advancements and bringing new insights into the world.

In that this Principle of Freedom is closely associated with the consciousness on Sirius, it governs the expanding initiations we reach as humans in our evolution to membership in the Spiritual Kingdom. This incredible principle aligns us with spirit instead of form, and invokes unity as freedom from duality, freedom from life centered in the lower three worlds of physical incarnation.

Astrologically, a conjunction is the strongest aspect celestial bodies can have. Our Sun exactly conjoins Sirius in the sign of Cancer at 14 degrees, which occurs around July 4–7. America’s Independence Day is strongly linked to the conjunction of Sirius and our Sun!

Interestingly enough Canada Day, July 1, marks Canada’s independence from England. Bastille Day, the French Independence Day, is July 14. And the transfer of sovereignty in Iraq occurred with a surprise handover (2 days early) on June 28, 2004.

The New Moon aligns with fixed star Sirius.Robson’s definition with the Moon is “Success in business, influential friends of opposite sex, favorable for the father, good health, beneficial changes in home or business.” In recent times Sirius has come to be associated with fame, eminence and riches. But depending on its connections within the chart, it can also be success that burns. When Sirius heats up, it’s a searing white heat that causes a very premenstrual type temper. In the past Sirius was associated with feverish temperatures, which brought pestilence and the star was not regarded as a good omen at all. Sirius is Isis the beloved wife of Osiris (Orion). This Goddess is the devoted, nurturing moon and her association with Cancer decan 2 gives the ability to resurrect and breathe life into the dead. Cancer is a cardinal sign, associated with the all-important Summer solstice. This bursting into bloom under the steady burn of the Summer Sun was known as the ‘Dog Days’ The Romans feared this time as “the Sea boiled, the Wine turned sour, Dogs grew mad, and all other creatures became languid; causing to man, among other diseases, burning fevers, hysterics, and phrensies.” [1] The Moon in Cancer is of course very powerful in it’s sign so this is passionate, heated and an emotional New Moon indeed, almost like Full Moon in intensity.


All across America, citizens of all shape and form, of many ethnicities and cultures, will gather round a barbecue and, with the first break of night, witness majestic displays of “fireworks”.

Fireworks emulate war, traumatize animals and war vets, and are just another way the corporations get our money.

People will not see the operative esoteric component: “fire” “works”.

In the eyes of Freemasonry, especially those of the founding fathers steeped in the ancient mystery traditions of Egypt, our modern climax of firework explosions is yet another ancient phire fertility ritual to bring back the return of the sun, same as Beltane, New Years Eve, winter solstice etc. The Fireworks, missiles and explosives have always been known in esoterica to symbolically represent the macrocosm of the microcosm, the orgasm of the organism into the womb of creation aka the night sky.

The reason we have fireworks on days such as the Fourth of July is because this is how the Universal Brotherhood likes to celebrate new creations that symbolize a new beginning. A new chapter or era and the end of an old one; for god said, “Let there be light and so there was light.” Our New Year’s Eve celebrations that end an old year and start a new one are celebrated with fireworks and our birthdays that signify our beginning day where we “see light” in this life are also celebrated yearly on the same day with candles that resemble fireworks.

Let’s use this time to ignite our own fire from within, harnessing the energy from Sirius rather than getting distracted with the Rituals of the corrupt State.

July 4th is a very important day not just for American Independence, but also because this date coincides with the ending of an era of the Old Testament under the rule of Yahweh, to form a new Age under the rule of Universal Brotherhood (Catholic Church) with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone. A new beginning on July 4, 13 B.C. created under the New Testament (New Law) and more recently in the year 1776, we Americans celebrate July 4th as the formal day in the creation of what we know of today as the U.S.A. Inc.

In studying July 4th throughout “modern history,” you will find that this day is one of the most significant dates in the last 2,000 plus years, for mainly one reason; that reason is the date of July 4, 13 B.C.

A date that signified the return to Rome of Augustus Caesar from Spain and Gaul, where he had helped unite these countries with Rome into a Universal Brotherhood. A day in which all other religious orders, secret societies, cults and rogue elitist families were essentially banned forever. This date had signified the beginning of a new era that we know of today as the 6th Age. An age where Augustus  Caesar who would later become Pope who was and is heaven bent on bringing peace to the world via the sword.

“I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword” (Matthew 10:34)

This New Age created by the High Priest of Jupiter Amon (Amen), Augustus Caesar, and his trusted confidants known as the Priests of Jupiter Amon (Avral Brothers of Flamen Dialis). This 13 B.C. homecoming is when the Roman Senate had voted to erect an altar to Augustus Caesar called the Pax Augusta (Peace of Augustus), or more often called, Pax Romana (Latin for “Roman peace“). This decree was dated July 4, 13 B.C. with the laying of the cornerstone as seen in Matthew 21:42  – Jesus said to them, “Have you never read in the Scriptures: “‘The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes’? But the dedication did not take place until January 30, 9 B.C. A date that may coincide with our current New Years on January 1st, that we of course all celebrate with fireworks, or should I say a big bang?!

What they will be treated to is a massive display along Mars influence, a ritual of revelry designed to infuse in the hearts and the minds of the people a longing and a loyalty to the trappings of state.

July 4: New Moon is Monday, July 4, at 5:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This is an emotional moon and in keeping with the themes for the month, use it to focus on your self-care, your personal needs and healing your heart. How do you heal your heart? You love yourself, you cherish who you are and you treat yourself like you would treat the most valuable thing in your life. Pay attention to beauty and allow the higher emotional center to be activated in you through the beauty you see in your life and all around you.

You can be greatly inspired during this time, or you can get mired in your judgments, cynicism, and all the nasty negative feelings you have been holding on to for so long, maybe even lifetimes. It is time to move on from all of it, to put yourself first, to forgive others and to allow the transformation that wants to happen to begin to unfold. Spend some time in and around water today if you can, and use it to nurture and feed something new and unique to you that wants to grow and emerge.

Be patient with others, accommodate them in your life, but take care of yourself first.





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