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Board of Directors

Danielle Rodenroth - President/ CEO

President / CEO

Dani is a long-time progressive activist raising awareness for issues related to animal cruelty, GMO’s, economic justice, and environmental concerns. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, has experience as a debt counselor, and gained an immense reach with social media and networks for her activism. Realizing that focusing on the problem only perpetuates it, she turned her focused energy into solutions and taking action. Honing in on her philosophy of “do the least harm possible and the greatest good” she has now directed her momentum on HUGS. A founding member of HUGS/ ABRAZOS; providing a blueprint fractal-model for abundant eco-cities to be replicated around the globe.

Adam McKnight - Vice-President/CFO

Adam brings almost 30 years of work experience in diverse industries to the HUGS team. Adam began his career working at the local grocery store through High School until joining the United States Navy upon graduation. Adam spent nine years in the Navy as a Nuclear Electronics Technician/Reactor Operator on Submarines, as well as Instructor at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit. Adam’s Naval Nuclear training provided him with a solid understanding of Nuclear Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Thermodynamics, and Plant Management. Adam Left the Navy in 1999 to pursue a career in Telecommunications with BellSouth (now AT&T). Adam has held many positions within AT&T over 17 years including, but not limited to: Project Management, Network Operations, Training Development and Delivery, Technical Support, Human Relations, and Personnel Management. A healer in his own right, Adam believes in the motto of “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.” This has led Adam to study Nutrition, Indigenous Cultures, plant medicines, and alternative healing modalities. Adam’s ultimate goal is to help create a self sufficient, self governing community where all members needs are taken care of that can be replicated throughout the world.

Thomas Sochowicz II

The end of suffering for all beings lies at the heart of his trans-personal mission. He has gained his strengths and visionary abilities from a very diverse background including studies in Philosophy, Music, Ethics and Business at Northern Michigan University. Unfulfilled, he decided to dive deeper into musical and spiritual studies around the world. Seeing so much suffering in his travels, this lead him to retreat into the mountains of Northern California to cleanse, study Yoga, Meditation, and help start a large Organic Farm. This lead to a very vivid spiritual awakening calling him abroad to Peru, where Tom first  began to form many of the ideas and projects now taking place within HUGS.Tom went on next to an apprenticeship job making films with Sevan Bomar, creator of Astral Quest, and Secret Energy.com (online platforms and think tanks for global enlightenment and human activation). Next was a stay in Colorado to study at The Institute for Bioenergetic Medicine for Auricular Certification. Thomas now spends around the clock hours devoted to inner transformation, energetic healing for clients, but mainly just to HUGS. This diverse background could only be fulfilled in a project such as this, a gift to mother earth, that seems to be one of the premiere bridges anchoring the a utopic ancient future into the present.

Thomas Schofield

Thomas is an American-born social entrepreneur who had been living in Peru from 2012 to 2014 (returning this year with his partner Kathi). He has studied multimedia production and cultural anthropology in university and wants to combine his skills in video production with his passion for humanity to create educational and entertaining material with a positive message. He is passionate about connecting deserving people to available resources and sees a huge opportunity to channel resources into developing projects in Peru for the benefit of the world. Taj has been studying nutrition and spirituality for a number of years, he hopes to be able to provide free education and materials to the widest audience possible (especially the impoverished and developing communities around the world), to promote global evolution amongst our species. Utopia for Taj is a close spiritual community where fresh water, organic food, holistic medicines and music run abundant. Where service and gratitude are fundamental innerstandings amongst the “tribe”, and where the people can thrive to meet full potential for development and fulfill our role as a responsible galactic species

Kathy Schofield

Kathi is an original founding member of the HUGS movement. As the first Peruvian member on the Board of Directors she is a strong female presence to the balanced, practical and eclectic members and opinions that form HUGS. Katherine represents the voice of her South American heritage with experience as a legal assistant in Los Angeles, CA, consumer electronics marketing representative for Sony in South America, and passion for social media marketing and promotion especially regarding content produced and maintained in the Spanish language. Kathy had a significant spiritual interaction with the Los Angeles Brahma Kumaris in 2010 and has been on a path of spirituality and deeper innerstanding of the cosmic mystery ever since. As having lived (and knowing many people) in Lima, Peru, Kathy is a valuable asset to the initial logistics behind international shipping and receiving for HUGS related resource support, and is a key component for international presence. As in the U.S., all Peruvian based non-profits need a specific ratio of Peruvian to foreign members. Kathy will be serving the boards of the U.S. based and Peruvian based non-profits and will be a valuable connection to see that the U.S. resources are being allocated in Peru properly and in accordance to the mission statement and vision of both entities. Her friendly attitude, generous disposition, and personal passion for the well-being of humanity aid her to seek and implement the most effective solutions to today’s global challenges. She is very happy and eager to represent HUGS and can take questions, comments and emails.

Joshua Mcknight

Joshua is a 22 year old artist looking to broaden his horizons. Everyday he seeks to learn and grow. Josh is currently employed as a painter for a scenic studio and spends any time outside of that creating music. He has also just begun a new journey to learn various programming languages and acquire web development skills. Josh is attending college in Orlando seeking a Computer Science bachelor’s degree. Once obtained, he wishes to begin developing and building interactive content and programs designed to heal traumas and progress human consciousness. Joshua shares in a vision to spread pure unconditional love to all beings.
-“Getting better everyday.”

Support Team

Thomas D’Aquanni

For over 30 years, Tom has been working with individuals and organizations committed to mastering change. The last 20 years have been dedicated to working with CEOs and Senior Executive Teams of Fortune 500 businesses in supporting large-scale change simultaneously producing breakthrough business results.
These client projects have included post-merger and acquisition, start-up ventures, turnaround, major changes in business model, new strategy implementation and process re-engineering projects. He specializes in co-designing and facilitating projects that integrate organizational culture change with business transformation and breakthrough business performance.
His work includes individual executive coaching, executive team development and organizational mobilization in support of large-scale change.

He has worked with CEOs and Senior Executives from Ocean Spray, Intel Corporation, Nabisco Foods, Republic Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, HFC Bank (Ghana), BASF, J&J McNeil Nutritionals, GE Financial Services Group, Godiva, Ralph Lauren, Kraft Foods and Campbell Soup, among others. For the last fifteen years he has been principal with D’Aquanni and Associates, Morristown, New Jersey and, most recently, Cazenovia, NY.

Tom holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Duquesne University, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biology from Fordham University, and a certificate in Family Therapy. His published writings include articles entitled “Ending The Political Stranglehold in the Executive Suite” detailing the dimensions of a specific type of his executive coaching and “The Fleischmann’s Renewal”, depicting the inner workings of a very successful corporate culture and organizational transformation project Tom designed and facilitated.


Derrick Agyapong

Derrick is an alumni of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Network, an Online Volunteer for the United Nations Volunteer (UNV) programme and a mentor for MicroMentor.org- an online service that connects smalls business owners around the world with business mentors. He is a member of the Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform (of UN-DESA) and DoSomething.org.

His volunteering journey, since 2014, has been very enriching as he has also worked extensively with global organisations including Marie Stopes International (under the Youth Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights initiative) and Girls Education Initiative of Ghana (GEIG) where took charge of  Marketing & Public Relations.

Derrick joined Rotaract in 2013 and he is currently serving as the President of the Rotaract Club of University of Professional Studies for the year 2016-17. Prior to that, he served as the Club Administration Director for the club in 2o15/2016. He is offering Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) and graduates in June 2017.

Amanda Medica

Amanda Medica is a musician and spiritual advisor who has spent years in and out of the music industry in both events management and as a performer.  Dissatisfied and disheartened with the various systems and social climates that were held in place for artists, she went traveling for 5 years to re-educate herself on why and how these systems exist.  Her travels began with an 8 month stay at FPMT’s Jamyang Buddhist Centre, which is where an eternal grounding of ancient knowledge and daily spiritual practice began.  She has since classified herself as an eternal student as well as a teacher, music and art being the bridge between her worlds  She has spent 2 years working as a metaphysical counselor, and has studied various courses in holistic medicine, healing and activation of the body and etheric fields through the use of plants, rocks, minerals and entheogens.    Her goal at HUGS is to assist in the promotion and unification of the various affiliated projects being carried out so that we can truly live out this united intention towards bigger love, true equality and therefore freedom here on this planet. 

G Jamal Ford

G Jamal Ford is a motivational speaker, life coach and master trainer. He guides a wide variety of individuals and organizations through all stages of the creative process from inception to completion. He has great skill in accessing the current reality of individuals and organizations and moving them through the action steps needed to build a viable future. He believes that the key is to create healthy environments where people can thrive. G Jamal has appeared on numerous talk radio shows. In addition to his training and coaching skills, G Jamal brings over twenty years of business experience to his work.

Douglas William Cosmos

Douglas William Cosmos was born in Cape Cod New England in 1951. He grew up in a middle class family with a dad, mom, a twin sister, and 2 older brothers. As an athletic energetic boy he played baseball, basketball, football, soccer sports as well as being involved in cub and boy scouts. His Ancestors were among the some of the first adventurers-the Pilgrims who landed in Plymouth Massachusetts. He followed in these footsteps forging new grounds of learning and accomplishments which continue unto today. Over the past 40+ years he has worked professionally in the Industrial, Commercial, and Residential fields of Construction. He also earned a degree in research, and licenses to practice construction and also in the medical health field. ‘Doug’ has said “ No job/task/challenge is too big or small that can’t beaccomplished.” That is because although it is a personal experience from which he can benefit from,  it also involves helping/improving someone else’s life. He thinks that we can overcome all obstacles put before us if we try to do so and don’t give up. Any effort that enhances life for the one, the few, and or the many is worth the effort to do so.  He employs an ‘I can do’ attitude, and it has proven itself to produce a successful results continuously.  He is only 1 man ,yet many hands make for light work. Therefore, he endeavors to create a meeting of the minds between himself and all those he rubs elbows with whether in business or in his personal life.  Doug brings his experience, light heartedness, vision, dedication, single-minded focus, and optimism that we can and will provide Global Solutions through Unity by the way of the HUGS Corporate Charter and it’s documented purposes.


Brad Kallio

Brad prefers the term ‘Solutionist’ to describe what he does. He got into electronics when he was about 14 years of age and discovered he was pretty good at fixing things like Tape Decks and Stereo’s but he didn’t understand it all so he went to the Skill Center in High School for Electronics. Brad got his first electronic technician job at Rogers Electronics, at 18 years old, specializing in Car Stereo’s and Audio Equipment Repair. He graduated from N.I.T. in 1988 and started working in Industrial Electronics where he learned Robotics and Automation/Controls Engineering. In early 2000 Brad lost his job at Shap Machine and became self-employed, shortly after he created the name Zynoc Sound and Light. Zynoc Sound and Light was his entertainment Business running sound and lighting for Bands and shows. In 2004 after Indonesia was hit by a tsunami, Brad started looking into home design; questioning why we are still making square houses and putting them in places with 300 mph winds. After Katrina hit in 2005 he designed Enviro-House: A home that can survive 300 mph winds, an impact from a 2”x 4” at 150mph, and is able to float. In 2007 Brad realized Energy was at the root of our problems and the Zynoc Foundation was born. Renewable energy design & development technology became his main focus in order to come up with an answer to the energy problem plaguing our world. 9 years later and all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place.

The Zynoc Foundation is devoted to the research and development of Clean Sustainable Living Systems. Teaching Clean Energy Technology and interfacing it into the Dailey Operations of the Home or Farm. These include: Platinum LEED Certified construction technologies using Hempcrete and other natural fiber products. Organic non GMO Farming and Hydroponics Food Systems. Solar and Hydro powered Water Purification Systems. Helping expand the electrification of the transportation industry.

-“Human Evolution is NOW, Clean Energy is NOW”

Ashley Edwards

Following her hearts deep connections with the earth from a very young age, she knew she was meant to do big things. Her passions are documenting and researching weather patterns and Geo-engineering, and the effects it has on our health as humans as well as the planet. She follows healthy eating, natural healing, detoxing, GMO’s and she is a huge supporter of local businesses. Her goals are to learn more about natural medicines and healing with plants, as well as, taking part in natural building and permaculture in off grid communities with the team. Ashley loves cooking and gardening. “We need to start making big changes and working together if we want to save this beautiful planet and the amazing people in it.”

Tom Sochowicz

Tom has spent several years in Purchasing/Materials Management and Engineering Support. After retirement, he finds he is finally able to pursue his passion for sustainable living such as permaculture, energy, construction materials and to coordinate supply chain issues. He plans to stay in Peru on a permanent basis to help HUGS.