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It is the mission of the Sacred Wisdom Collective to preserve and regenerate the earth's cultural bio-diversity and ancient traditions that respect and honor all life


Sacred Wisdom Collective

Why we walk this road...

New estimates say one language is lost around every two weeks. At an even more expanding rate native populations of every content are losing knowledge of traditions for rights of passage, traditions of self actualization, cultural dress, music and much more.

How we actualize this path

We have various ways we feel that will be effective in this mission. We feel through recorded and shared media, live and interactive events, and an archive of educational information, we can help not only ensure preserving these various traditions, but also to create a renewed interest around the globe. Sharing these traditions we feel will also promote cross cultural understanding and connecting around the world as well.


Immediate and Direct Impact

To have the greatest amount of impact, a significant portion of the proceeds collected from this program will go back directly into the communities that are still preserving these traditions and ways. This support can come in various ways, from improving food and water systems, education, infrastructure, technical support and training, loans for projects and much more.

Featured Sacred Media

This project is working to support:

Recorded Lectures
Online Conference
Products- herb mixes, shirts, readings, artwork, incense mixes

Sponsor a tree
Music- Lyrics, tablature, recordings

Call for ACTION!

How you can help...

There are a number of ways you can support this initiative, and we are very grateful for all types of support. First of course is direct donation at the link on the right, we also have created a Patreon initiative to help support us in creating more content, more media, having more impact by being able to hire grant writers and other support. We are going to consitantly be realising new content, media and more. Another huge way to support is by sending us resources of information, including sacred cultural music ( audio, video, lyrics, song books), audios of recorded lectures, contacts of wisdom keepers that may be willing to share on our video broadcasts or in recorded interviews. We would also love to share your cultural event on our page if it is aligned, we are looking for content writers around these topics as well for our blog, if you feel you can help with any of these things or perhaps have other related ideas, please feel free to contact us. Even simply sharing a post or video on social media is greatly appreciated.

Contact Email : Wegivehugs@gmail.com