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Sustainable Living Expedition!

An educational expedition where you’ll tour sustainable solutions and ecologically harmonious living practices at many amazing projects across Costa Rica. You will learn from a diverse team of regenerative experts, how to increase your personal sustainability and how to share your growth with those around you.

Do you want to be inspired by ecologically harmonious living?

This tropical paradise is home not only to the world’s greatest biodiversity, but also to hundreds of regenerative projects; groups working to build a more beautiful future for themselves and all life. These pioneers, communities, homesteaders, permaculture demonstration sites, ecological preservation projects, and social benefit organizations want to share their successes and what they have learned in the process of becoming more sustainable.

Regenerative Sustainable Adventure!

Your customized Expedition can include Natural Building, Permaculture, Renewable Energy Systems, Organic Food Production, Food Forestry, Community Living, Regenerative Business, and Regenerative Community Development in action.


Workshops are woven into your expedition to expand your ability to manage sustainable projects. You will learn from Upward Spirals and our team of experts how to use tools and resources that magnify your ability to co-create sustainability, personally and globally.


You will have the opportunity to connect and network with social benefit organizations and communities looking for members.
You will leave this program with the knowledge, resources, connections, plans, and inspiration to live in greater harmony with nature.


Stay at the beautiful Diamante Center in one of the most breathtaking regions of Costa Rica. This land has been caringly restored and developed with permaculture principles, natural buildings, reforestation and many open spaces. Eat amazing local organic produce and enjoy tropical fruit from the food forest. Connect with nature on 55 acres of lush rainforest.
Center yourself through daily yoga and meditation on the rainforest yoga deck.
This amazing piece of paradise borders the majestic Baru river with pristine natural swimming pools and a jungle island. All nestled right above the Baru waterfalls. Baru is any nature lover’s dream, photograph the incredible views from atop this stunning waterfall, or turn towards the sun-speckled jungle behind you. Among the most spectacular mountains, waterfalls, and beaches in the world, this is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and magical places in the country.

Come on a transformative exploration of yourself and what is possible.

Helping more people to experience the benefits of increased wellness, holistic education, and connection with each other and nature is why the Diamante Center exists! We believe that empowering you to be more successful is a great way to co-create a beautiful future for all.

The directors of the Diamante Center (also the co-founders of Upward Spirals) are excited to share our expertise in marketing, sales, and business strategy to add a significant boost to your promotions effort. We’ll use and teach you about a range of modern and established techniques to grow your attendance and your network.