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Vision and Mission

HUGS mission is to research, document, and implement non-violent solutions for earth and her inhabitants with the aim of co-creating a thriving world for all.

We are uniting and open-sourcing the world’s best practices by bridging the gap between Solutionaries and resources through various types of support including: grants, sponsorship, marketing, videography, systems and processes, and platforms which cultivate collaboration and sharing. We are unifying groups, individuals, companies and organizations who are building a better future!

Mode of Operations

HUGS is a next generation type of charity, pioneering a new open-source model by revolutionizing its operations.

We are creating an Ancient Future, seaming together indigenous wisdom with modern technologies to bring about a lifestyle that nurtures the real potential of all inhabitants of the earth.

Using Sociocracy as our governance model, we provide accountability through equivalency, effectiveness, and transparency within all our operations, creating circles rather than pyramids, fostering autonomy in small groups and drawing on the collective intelligence of the group. We deeply respect and have adopted many indigenous philosophies, creating a sacred space for everything we do. We have opened our board to other world changemakers, aiming to put our hearts and minds together, sharing information and resources to truly create the systems the world needs to restore harmony. We envision HUGS as a universal resource for many to use.

Needs we are addressing:

We believe the planet and humanity needs:

-A thriving system that will meet everyone’s basic needs (food, water, shelter, wholistic health care and prevention) through open economy models-an open economy is primarily concerned with the cooperation of people by creating a common understanding of the benefits to the individual in acting for the best interests of all- and restoration of sacred space.

-Implement earth friendly technologies that will stop and repair growing pollution and destruction (Buildings, water systems, waste management, transportation, consumption and sustainable agriculture/food foresting, renewable energy, land and animal conservation,etc.)

-Ongoing education that facilitates the cultivation of the New Paradigm Earth (Synergistic living, co-creating and proper use of ego, a network of expertise sharing, nonviolent communication 3.0, culture which focuses on community building, parenting, youth programs, leadership development, relationships, spirituality and many more)

-New Governance Models that foster quick and effective decision making and allows autonomy and conflict resolution with ease and honor. (Sociocracy, experimental games, culture by design, human matching and organization system)

-Self-expression -Exploring Spiritual sciences (beyond dogma and judgement) returning to their original intent of self expression and divine realization. Cultivating environments within communities to share and respect personal and collective growth, integrating all forms of art. Preserving indigenous knowledge-creating our ancient future.

Our Aims:

To connect solutionaries and resources, facilitating global change, open-sourced. To publish and share findings made through our solution network. To support those doing the good work

To educate, empower, and co-create with others, facilitating global communication and regenerative leadership by creating the systems and processes. To make it easy and cool to be of service to the world, for anyone. To raise awareness of global issues.

To create new ways of living (blueprints) to restore humanity back to living in harmony with nature. To achieve and help others achieve the lifestyle that will return their time back to them, allowing them to not only be of service to the world in harmony, but also to explore and create, experiencing their limitless potential

To restore and preserve ecosystems quickly

To be examples of living in a sacred way, preserving and sharing various traditions from indigenous people