The Elements of Ascension


What if many of the thoughts and feelings that you had every day were not yours? What if the solution lies not in trying to rid yourself of these thoughts and feelings but to be aware of them and to ask why and where they are coming from? Perhaps a teaching lies beneath the surface. Some aspect of Self is looking for love, or appeasement and if you know how to listen, you can heal.  


This weekend we were fortunate enough to be able to connect with Medicine Man, and Tribal Chief Nilson Tuwe. Needless to say, I was even more fortunate to be able to have my first experience doing the Sacred Fire for his prayer circle. This was by far the most powerful circle I have ever been a part of and I wish to share with all of you the teachings that were transmitted while doing the sacred fire.

After the prayer started, I noticed that my consciousness, and conception of self, super imposed itself upon the fire. I was literally becoming the living intelligence of the Element of Fire. This element taps us into and assists our resonation between each other on a deeper level, as it is present in all of us. It was easy to see the interconnectedness between us all. The clarity and change between the interaction of the elements within notifies me I am going deeper into the prayer. Revelations came that what we experience in this dimension, or matrix, is a product of the interaction between the five sense’s, a combination of either their harmony or conflict with one another. In the past, the elements were beings of vast intelligence that incarnated into bodies, we now call the Elements, to have experiences. After millennia of interactions with one another, battles one might say, producing much of what we see here on this planet, the elements decided that they wanted to come together in a way that they could learn to be at peace and harmony with one another. To do this, they all took oaths, and were bonded to one another in a pact. The result of which is the human body. When fire, our desire to learn and to consume, gets out of balance, it causes Earth to get jealous. Hence why Earth puts out fire. Water, out of its deep compassion wishes to sooth the pain of fires desire, and cools it. Creating the myst, or the mystical. This myst is what reflects and refracts the light of the fire creating the experience we are interpreting here as life.


You may have heard before that the ancestors wish to be honored, or given offerings; prayers, foods, incense, tobacco, etc. These items or energies are then dedicated to the ancestors in honor and respect for them. While this is a beautiful and authentic gesture, during the prayer I came to a new realization.  What if the way we can honor these elements and ancestors is by honoring their current state in which they exist and have experience in now?  


The main one of which is our body. The elements came here to learn how to live in peace and harmony with one another. They also came to teach us how to live in peace and harmony with one another. This is all matter of perspective. The reason you see in Chinese medicine that the organs and glands correspond to various elements, is because they are literally the seals, or governors that hold the most amount of intelligence and most energy for that elemental consciousness within the body.


If you want to start to experience what I am speaking of for yourself, on a very simple level its available to you right now as you read this article here. I want you to start breathing in very deep, long and slow. Make sure when you are breathing its into your abdomen, and not just into your chest. Now after a few deep breaths, I want you to close your eyes, and begin to notice what your skin is feeling. Can you feel air on your skin? I want you to really feel, as much and as many things as you can in your body right now. When we start feeling, and stop paying so much attention to just the mind. We begin to experience more of the earth and water elements within us. Now if you really want to connect more with just the element of earth. I want you to take note of how you are sitting. Now start to make the motions of standing up, do you notice the energy that tends to want to stay seated? That’s the earth element as well. There are many ways to connect on deeper and deeper levels with these elements.

So how can we use this type of knowledge and wisdom to benefit us along our path? To aid us in the process of ascension….. It told me that as we go through out our daily lives, and experiences. It is mainly this lack of balance of the elements that generates the conflict. We interpret this interaction as stories, stories which cause us to be confused and ignorant of our limitless nature.The desire of fire often times rages so intensely that we cannot see beyond its beautiful dance. When a fire burns so bright, we can get lost, attaching ourselves to the story that is created while it burns up our body, our resources, and that of those around us as well. This over abundance of fire on this planet at this time is obvious if we take a look. Our rain forests being cut down and depleted, only to be used for the purpose of producing the same things that cause our bodies to be out of balance. Meat, Dairy, Palm Oil, Coffee and Cacao, all these things are the major causes for deforestation right now on the planet. These same items, when ingested, cause the elements of our body to go out of balance with one another. Cacao of course, can be used as an amazing medicine, and a plant teacher as well. But its over consumption and abuse is now a serious problem for the forest.


In order to move forwards in our process of ascension and evolution. We must learn how to take care of our body, and thus our planet. It showed me that the body is a gift we are given to learn how to manage properly, then we can then move on to be able to manage larger bodies such as a planet or a star. But first we must begin to be able to manage this body, this temple we are given. This dynamic however, is not some sort of punishment system, its simply natural law. These laws are built into the fabric of existence, and they respond naturally to our development. When we are ready to take on greater roles, manage more energy, and move into more expansive places we do. I hope this more dynamic perspective of the world we live in can assist you on your path. In future videos and writings I plan to go more in depth on this and many more subjects.

-Thomas Sochowicz

edited by Danielle Rodenroth