Soul Mapping  – The Future Of Alchemy For A Connected Humanity


Soul Mapping The Future Of Alchemy For The Connected Human

There’s always chaos before mutation; we are amidst an enormous quantum leap.  Fear is a step, an initiation, in the developing consciousness where an illusion of separation is created as a coping strategy, leading to devastation and suffering of the internal and external worlds of this fractal existence. Becoming the responsible, conscious co-creator of the Universe is the next step; humanity is here to acknowledge the truth, process energy and to be the feedback loop.  A process, or path, that will guide us into acceptance and alignment with the fundamental aspects of the universe will bring us into an empowered state where the transmutation of fear illusions will reconnect us with ourselves and each other. Soulmapping aims to provide a fun and supportive container which synthesizes many methods of correcting the energy for the emergent Self-Aware Universe to complete it’s leap.

A most incredible shift is happening; a new era is dawning on this planet. The chaos before the leap is seen everywhere from humanity’s existential crisis to the anguish of the earth.   We can no longer stick our heads in the sand; we are facing our fears and aligning with Truth.

We are recovering from an illusory worldview where the collective fear created a perceived disconnection, which in turn detached us from our power and sovereignty. We ‘lost touch’ with the Universe. Emerging from the Age of Logic and Reason, where objectified science gave rise to incredible technological advances at the cost of humanity’s true gnosis, a collective realization is taking place; all energy, everything in the universe, all life, is connected.  The veil is lifting and the illusion of separation is completely dispelled.  People are longing to return to a world filled with purpose and meaning, to return to enchantment and harmony with the All, and collectively we are starting to create this.

Everything that exists is fluid; an interconnected energy in constant motion, or communication, where nothing is ever separated.  The stories, or worldviews that we created as consciousness developed, led to humanity’s ‘deafness’ to this natural, fluid energy. Remembering our unity pushes us past fear and reorients us to harmony as we reconnect and communicate; a new worldview is birthing.  We are re-writing our story and it is empowering, uniting and balancing everything.

As consciousness is overcoming fear, we are seeing fear for what it is; a mechanism that informs and reorients us on our ever-expanding path.

Together we are developing an integrated path into harmony, realizing sovereignty by leading the individual back to their unique and differentiated way of processing information; a map which supports an awakening humanity.

The Soul Mapping project aims to provide practical methods and tools for reframing and transmuting past traumas, consciousness reprogramming, developing communication skills, emotional intimacy and will hold the space to provide hope and fun as these healthy ways to channel energy come to light.  All of us write this story together!


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The founders of HUGS – Humans Unifying Global Solutions a U.S based non-profit – have spent the past few years traveling the world studying with many individuals, groups and organizations that are working to bring about the solutions for this global shift. We are excited to co-create with you!