Recreating Planetary Paradise

Travis Britzke of Regenesis 2020


Today, the planet is left with less than 20% of its original forests.  The destruction had been accelerating in recent decades, fueled by increasing demand and more machinery.  In the last 100 years for example, the United States has lost over 70% of its topsoil and 85% of its soil minerals.  Up until the 1950s when chemicals were first used in farming, all of this destruction was to fuel the culture of “Organic Annual Agriculture”.

We have the ability to restore Mother Earth and amend our story.  Simply stopping the use of chemicals and GMO’s won’t rebuild our soils nor reforest our watersheds.  We need to look at the root causes, and identify the opportunities  in the situation.  Permaculture may be the worlds most popular way that we are doing this.  It is a design methodology that learns from and harnesses natural patterns and processes.

The Regenesis 2020 project in conjunction with HUGS is looking forward now into our future-and Vision 2020 Perfect vision. We are  recreating a planetary paradise now, it is already underway. We are starting here locally in this epicenter of regenerative permaculture here in the Diamante Valley of Costa Rica. No more illusions, distortions, or lies.  We are operating in full and total transparency.  Its also an opportunity to focus collectively on our shared future and ask one another, whats your vision 2020?? How do you choose to see our future??

Our vision of  2020 is of a planetary paradise, people are living in happy and healthy harmony with one another and with nature.   If this resonates with you, I invite you all to share this article and this video and spread it far and wide. Help us in supporting this mission for planetary paradise.


“Just as vital cells are needed to build healthy tissue and organs, resulting in vital organisms, so too are vibrant individuals needed to build healthy families and communities, and ultimately a thriving planet.” 
                                                                                                                                                                -Travis Britzke, director, ReGenesis