Unified Cosmology

Imagine for a moment that you are the only being that exists.You are all-powerful, all-knowing, eternally existent, everything is made out of your ‘body’ emanating from the primordial space, pure potentiality.

At some point you might dream up the idea of wanting to experience another, a child, or co-creator, since your very essence is to create. But how would you go about creating a new being without just making a copy of yourself? The desire was to experience something new. Your creation, the ever-expanding expression and all that you wish to experience at first seems to be a separate ‘being’, appearing to be disconnected from its source while the energy is reordered.  This being is created ‘inside’ of you, in your womb of infinite potentiality.  In order for this being to interact with you, it would have to by default be unaware that on some level it is you.  You are creating a new being that must find it’s own source, to be your equal in all ways.


Weaving together Scientific and Mythological Cosmologies


Plasma Cosmology and The Electric Universe

Dragon-like monsters soaring across the heavens rank among the most enigmatic and fanciful icons of the ancient cultures. These mythical reptiles come adorned with feathers or wings, sprouting long-flowing hair and fiery, lightning-like emanations.  Every detail of such beasts defies naturalistic reasoning.  Yet accounts from widely separated cultures attribute many identical features to these biological absurdities.

When researchers seeking to resolve a mystery have explored every possibility they can imagine, but find no answer, it becomes increasingly likely that the truth is simply outside the boundaries of current assumption.  Until very recently historical researchers had no reason to think of plasma when considering the mysteries of the cosmic serpent or dragon.  Yet almost everything about the mythic archetype finds striking counterparts in the behavior of electrified plasma, now known to fill interplanetary, interstellar and intergalactic space.  Under the influence of electric currents, plasma produces filamentary, undulating, spiraling formations, with life-like attributes.  Indeed, it was this life-like quality of electrified plasma that inspired Irving Langmuir to borrow the term from biology (blood plasma).

Independent investigators, with an eye to electrical phenomena, suggest that our early ancestors saw heaven-spanning plasma discharge in the sky, when Earth moved through a more dense plasma environment. Earthshaking electrical activity not only decimated early cultures but dominated human imagination for thousands of years.  But only in recent decades have plasma experts identified complementary plasma formations in the laboratory and in remote space.

Is it possible that our cosmic environment was once alive with electrical activity? If so, it is essential that the cosmic serpent or dragon be investigated from a new vantage point, one that is open to the study of electrical phenomena in our sky not that long ago. *


A very long time ago, a very beautiful being was born, some say the most beautiful in all of creation. She has many names throughout time and for now we will refer to her as the feminine form principle that is birthing this current universe. The never beginning, never ending, Eternal Source, creative, preserving, destroying force that existed all places, as all things.

The creation of this other being begins from a primal sexual creative force. An aspect of her has a desire (she is ALL things even desire) to create a co-creator, an equal that will be its own source and share in the mystery of eternal creation alongside her. This way she experiences the mystery of another and divine reflection of herself through the other, giving this child its own will to expand into new potentials with her. In order to do this she has to invert and separate a portion of herself and ‘disconnect’ it from her source, gifting it the creative spark that it learns to activate and work with. She creates the conditions for it to grow into its own creative powers, finding and connecting to its own source to play through co-creation with her. For if she were to give it the connection to a source it would only be a copy of her source, thus not allowing it free will or true integrity that comes with connecting to your own source energy.

She creates conditions that test the integrity of the child that at the same time teaches it.  Life is constantly becoming more complex, advanced evolved. The child now in the womb, interacts still with the mother, drawing its sustenance from her and learning to differentiate.  All that the child experiences is there to help it grow.  The perfect cosmic womb.

This story is giving meaning and intelligence to the cosmic force of creation, the form principle and the electrical serpents of light, known as plasma that arch out from the central source of our universe, then on to the galaxy, and on to our solar system etc. As we will see the human being is not the only intelligent being that gives and has meaning, all life is empowered by this electrical plasma emanating from the stars and planets. We are all part of a much grander web or network of intelligence. Plasma Cosmology and the Electrical Universe Models have now shown that what was once explained as black holes and gravity, can now be explained simply by electromagnetic plasma discharges.

In nature all things need a blueprint or pattern to follow if they are to properly grow.  Meditating on the fractal structure of nature, the famous axiom in esotericism, As Above So Below…Let us consider for a moment that this Plasma present on vast Cosmic scales, might be somewhat similar to blood plasma? Maybe these Dragon/Serpent creatures spoken of can be further comprehended through metaphor and symbolism.  Could these cosmic electrical creatures be compared to human DNA carrying information and blueprints to the galaxies and throughout the universe but perhaps much more complex?



This child was birthed out of the great womb-like white hole at the center of our galactic core. This plasma discharge of light has been given many names, the feathered serpent, the dragon mother, the cosmic serpent, the rainbow serpent and more. And just as nourishment continues to pour forth from a mother to its child through the umbilical cord, plasma and other cosmic energy makes its way from the galactic centers and suns into the waters of earth to eventually become plants and animals and more. The trauma from this beautiful being feeling the separation from its mother, and the mother from its child, might have created a PTSD-like effect. Due to a lack of awareness and understanding of its origin, this consciousness began to react, and interact with the substance it was inside of and part of. Just like a cell, the substance surrounding it had certain rules embedded into it, it felt the urge to reproduce. At first it began to clone itself feeling the same urge it has just been produced from, one of desire to create and interact.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a serious potentially debilitating condition that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a natural disaster, serious accident, terrorist incident, sudden death of a loved one, war, violent personal assault such as rape, or other life-threatening events. Research has recently shown that PTSD among military personnel may be a physical brain injury, specifically of damaged tissue, caused by blasts during combat.*

Imagine what it must be like to cut yourself off from a portion of your being, to surrender in such a way, to allow an aspect of your body to begin making its own decisions, surrendering to not knowing the outcome of such a grand mystery. We are already doing it now- with our cells, mothers with their children, also in the way a woman allows a man to take her in union etc. But imagine the first experience of this must have been frightening, and exciting.

Every organism that exists within the organic matrix of life, must possess some sort of interface that it uses to interact, communicate and interpret its relationship with the rest of the web of life. It is this interface where the organs of sense perception begin to interpret various forms and frequencies of energy, chemical interactions, vibrations, electrical impulses and much more.  The makeup, health, and sophistication of the organs of perception for that organism will determine both the type and quality of experience and interaction that the organism has with the rest of the web of life.  Even life forms such as bacterias and viruses have this ability to determine and differentiate, making judgements about interactions of what is self, and what is “not self.” In the case of a virus, similarly to humans, there is a protein envelope (Skin) filled with receptors that gather information about the organism’s environment. Other terms for these lines of interface for information maybe gates, or channels of energy that contain various filters along the path of interpretation that serve to “color” the energy, or “judge” it, depending on what area of the organism is meant to receive the information. This information is then processed to determine the relevance of the information for the organism’s health, safety, potential next host or food source, or mate. All life is constantly seeking the meaning of its contact with the external environment.  In viruses there is a sort of touch or smell that can interpret the chemical composition of the surface of things it comes in contact with. All life forms that exist, can and must have this ability in order to survive, human beings are by no means unique in this ability. These simple facts mean that all life, in order to survive, must be self-aware and therefore, by definition, intelligent.

Imagine the experience pure consciousness energy would take as it seemingly separates from the eternal oneness of its source, sliding down a tube, into the dank dark space of feeling. The Electrical* aspect of life, this charge reacting wildly, and beautifully, but yet somehow violently with the magnetic plasma. Masculine and feminine coming together in this way, the product of which is like a mist refracting the rainbow light of experience. Would not the experience of the electrical spark arcing out of the center of the galaxy, or a sun be the same as that of a sperm traveling into the egg? Or the consciousness going down the umbilical cord into the new body of the unborn child? The experience of this being, an internally inverted fractal, inside of the eternal womb, would be that of emptiness inside itself. It would be like a spark of consciousness floating within a embryonic sea of space. As a source, now perceiving what was once all inside, seeing its contents reflected seemingly externally but yet somehow identifying with the hole reflecting back to it. Maybe even misguidedly seeing itself as the only source of creation. The embryonic fluid in fact reflecting back to this spark of light.

The way to point this new child of creation to its own internal source, would be to make it perceive that all of creation, was outside of itself. This womb, so dark and eternal, creating a mirror like shine, an eternal “room of mirrors” so to speak, where this being would continually interact with portions or aspects of itself, but yet with a guided blueprint, as what was “outside” responded in its own creative ways, testing it continually, allowing for it to reflect in its emptiness on what it truly is. What aspects of pure potentiality would it choose to build its new identity out of?